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Your social media content doesn’t have to suck: real estate branding expert


On Tuesday, brand and marketing professional Katie Lance shared tips on how real estate agents can stand out from a “sea of ​​similarity” at Inman Connect New York.

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Real estate can be a rollercoaster. If your social media marketers are like everyone else, you’re preparing to ride alongside them when the market turns.

But if you take steps to stand out from the crowd, with an arsenal of unique, personal and well-crafted content, you’re setting yourself up for success in any market, marketing and branding expert Katie Lance told a group of real estate professionals in Inman Login New York on Tuesday.

“What happens is if your marketing is in a sea of ​​similarity, it becomes this feast or famine situation,” she said. “And you start all over again at the bottom” during downturns.

To highlight the sea of ​​similarity, she used an example of an iconic but borderline cliché image that is frequently shared on social media after the holidays.

Some people love seeing a photo of the blue ocean from your recent trip to the tropics, but many more would be interested in seeing the abundance of beautiful aquatic life just below the surface, she said.

She said officers should be comfortable with their bodies and their voices. For starters, she says, “done is better than perfect.”

“But when you get to the point where we feel comfortable in front of the camera, you feel comfortable with how you look…there comes a point where you think, ‘How could I do better? ‘” Lance said.

One of the ways to improve, she said, is to simply create more content. People become comfortable appearing on camera over time.

Lance told agents to give the public – however big or small that public is – “more of you”.

She encouraged them to speak directly to the camera, to quickly access the story they’re trying to tell.

“It’s you. You’re talking to one person,” she said. “There aren’t a lot of people watching your YouTube videos.”

She advised the group not to talk like they were talking to a group, for example opening a short social media video with “Hey guys!”

“More of you, and less of… ‘Hey everyone, I’m at Inman Connect,'” she said. Instead, advise them to jump straight in by saying, “”I’m at Inman Connect and I just had to hop on Instagram and share what I’m learning with you. “”

As always, she said, look for ways to stand out from the pack.

Rather than sharing a photo of a flower on the first day of spring, Lance suggested a video with short clips of various flowers in the garden and music overlaid in the background.

“I don’t think there’s a shortcut to getting better on camera. We’re all going to be a little bit different,” she said. “The way you get better on camera is as you move more in front of the camera Go through this tricky phase of how you look and sound.

“I had a good friend of mine a few years ago who lovingly said to me… ‘Katie, that’s how you sound, and that’s how you talk, so you gotta get away with it. to put back.'”

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