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Young people should learn to engage and not abuse social media platforms, says Ovie Clarkson


While many social media users continue to bemoan the lack of content and abuse the platform, popular influencer and content creator, Ovie Clarkson appears to be shining while others struggle.

Clarkson continues to shine as an influencer who knows their onions when it comes to positively creating standard social media accounts that can attract the necessary support an individual needs in any business they are involved with. .

For him, influencing social media is more than just a normal job, or what society tends to believe it is; He believes that the potentials inherent in being an influencer are greater than any regular social media user might see, adding that people only feed their eyes rather than their minds.

“Not many people understand the work of an influencer on social media, the ability to effectively manage social media accounts is more than what you see, you need someone who is creative and who knows what can sell. to be successful in my industry, “he said.

Clarkson further stated that despite the decline in publishing creative content, he has unexpectedly been able to stay on top of his game in terms of delivering and exercising influencer work.

“As an influencer, I have learned to know what people want and to give to them, and that is how I have been able to stay on top of my game,” he added.


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