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Will social media platforms comply with India’s new IT rules? MoS Chandrasekhar responds

In an exclusive interview with Republic Editor Arnab Goswami on “Nation Wants To Know”, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Union MoS Information Technology, spoke about the recently changed IT rules and what will happen if a social media company chooses not to comply. . During the conversation, the MoS informed that if a social media company becomes an intermediary in the country, then it is mandatory for them to follow the recently changed IT rules, otherwise they will lose their intermediary status.

Speaking to Republic TV, MoS Rajeev Chandrasekhar said: “The recently amended IT rules are very clear on the issue of misinformation. The rules impose an absolute and unambiguous obligation on intermediaries and not on media companies. media platforms find any misinformation, they must remove the content. If they don’t remove the content, they still have the option to have the content flagged and after working on it for 72 hours, they can remove it if it is harmful to the general public. »

“If social media platforms choose to be an intermediary in India. They have to follow these rules set by the government. I also had a meeting with the intermediaries and they are very comfortable with this partnership model for to make the internet a safe place for Indian citizens,” he added.

The 9 “mandatory” rules

Speaking of the legal aspect under which social media platforms can take refuge, the Union MoS said: “The nine conditions of Rule 31B are very specifically defined in the type of content they can broadcast. rules are not general. We have even dropped the word ‘defamatory’ because it is something that falls under the law. Therefore, intermediaries are required to meet the nine conditions in terms of the nature of the content they have on their platform.

‘The intermediary will lose its status if…’

Talking about what can lead to the intermediary losing their status, Chandrasekhar said, “If an intermediary chooses not to follow the rules. It will immediately lose the status of intermediary,” said Chandrashekar, adding, “The rules are legitimate and any company, whether Indian or American, if it feels that its rights are infringed, can go to court and ask justice for what it deems to be right. »

“For the very first time, it has been enshrined in the rules that the constitutional rights of every Indian citizen must be respected and preserved by social media platforms, even if they are foreign platforms,” ​​he said. he asserted, adding, “Article 14, 19 and 21 cannot be violated by any platform. Government is the custodian of these basic rights. We are working to protect the rights of Indian citizens. safe digital platform to citizens.

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