Media literacy

Why teaching media literacy is important in election years

The state of collective news and media consumption in the United States is tumultuous at best – in recent years, social media, mistrust and more have made engaging with new organizations nationwide a complex but vital task.

Following what the company calls a period in 2017 when “respect and engagement with trusted news organizations was at an all-time low”, Bites Media was formed.

Bites Media’s singular goals are to use the experience of CEO and Co-Founder Nick Farrell and Co-Founder and Head of Education Emily David to rekindle engagement with U.S. news outlets and thereby , its democracy. To achieve this vision, Bites Media focuses on middle and high school students.

On this episode of Voices of eLearning, Farrell and David sat down with host JW Marshall to explain exactly how Bites goes about educating these students, a process that involves giving educators, students, and parents the access to “reliable, engaging and authentic information” produced by undergraduate and graduate journalism students.

The platform also gives educators ways to track how their students are interacting with the platform in the form of short quizzes and analytics.

“Our platform tracks how much time students spend in each of these media assets,” David said. “Teachers receive a data report showing how much time each student spent with an article and then across the entire platform.”

This information helps teachers understand how comprehension and consumption are linked and how the use of the platform can be adapted to provide an optimal experience.

Stay tuned for a new episode on Thursday!

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