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Why Decentralized Messaging Apps Will Replace Today’s Social Media Platforms


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The current state of social media is appalling and only getting worse. Originally designed to facilitate communication, these apps have become a nightmare for most people. Privacy breaches, censorship, data theft and poor security standards have turned users against these platforms.

The most notable example is Facebook’s challenge WhatsApp Privacy Policy change in 2021, prompting many to look for alternatives. But while Facebook is just one example, other platforms have also significantly exploited users in various ways.

One of the reasons for the current situation is that modern communication networks have become profit-making enterprises. They have lost their reason for being and have become predators. User data is the new oil for them and is traded behind closed doors for billions of dollars.

On the positive side, however, promising alternatives are now emerging, thanks to innovations in blockchain technology. Futuristic, blockchain-based, and decentralized messaging apps can alleviate most of today’s social media problems. Their permissionless, trustless, and open-source nature can make messaging enjoyable, private, and secure. And so, a new paradigm in online communications awaits users.

The Pitfalls of Legacy Social Media

Social media has revolutionized the Internet by enabling simple, interactive and real-time communications. However, legacy social media platforms have increasingly become data predators in recent years, exploiting users in various ways. The main issue is user privacy. For example, Meta (formerly Facebook) has often made headlines for compromising user data.

Inadequate security is another big issue as most existing email platforms lag behind in this regard. For example, WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption mechanism breaks when users back up data to the cloud. Also, hacks are quite common with these apps. It happened with WhatsApp in 2019, when he found a bug that allowed hackers to plant spyware using the app’s call feature. In another similar incident, a hacker hacked into Telegram to expose the phone numbers of around 15 million Iranian users.

In addition to being vulnerable to security and privacy vulnerabilities, current messaging and social media platforms fall short when it comes to in-app payments. Some support fiat transactions, but with serious limitations: high transaction costs, restrictions on cross-border payments, etc.

Transform messaging and communication with blockchain

Solving today’s social media problems is not as easy as it seems. Several governments and authorities have already tried to find solutions. However, they failed to resolve the issues.

Blockchain technology, on the other hand, has an answer. By combining decentralization, cryptographic security and top-notch data privacy, it is indeed possible to overcome the pitfalls of legacy social media. Additionally, the use of blockchain expands the scope for integrating crypto-based payments. Thus, new age messaging apps can offer transparent and censorship-resistant communications with secure and transparent payments in chat.

TokLok is a private messaging platform that offers businesses and individuals a secure and convenient way to communicate online. The platform leverages blockchain technology to enable completely confidential correspondence and transactions. So much so that the algorithm erases encrypted messages, visible only to the sender and recipient, once they are viewed.

The TokLok ecosystem is powered by the $TOL token, the platform’s native cryptocurrency. $TOL plays a key role in the ecosystem, providing access to the messenger and funding the ecosystem. It is also usable for online payments accessible worldwide on TokLok.

The future of social media, private and secure

Older social messaging apps have done users enough harm. But people have now become aware of the exploitation, thus proactively seeking alternatives. This is where emerging decentralized messaging apps, with a compelling value proposition, have come into the picture.

Blockchain-based messaging and microtransactions are increasingly becoming the norm, especially for tech-savvy users. These apps are much more secure than traditional apps, prioritizing privacy. Moreover, they natively support borderless and cost-effective payments using cryptocurrencies.

As a pioneer in this new league of messaging platforms, TokLok has embarked on a journey to shape the future of communications. Its various features, especially security and privacy, can be a game-changer for Web3. More importantly, its user-friendly and intuitive experience can boost adoption in this area. And thanks to these, users can finally lock their conversation and communicate peacefully.

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