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Why authenticity is the key to creating great social media content and building a more dedicated audience


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In the fierce business world of 2021, authentic content marketing matters more than ever. Less than a month ago, I had hardly posted any content for several weeks.

Disconnected from the content I “thought” “I was supposed to post, this simple shift in perspective gave me new insights into the purpose and intent behind my content. Rather than showcasing items and achievements to brag about rights and status, it should come from a place of authenticity and show that I really care about others.

It only takes one glance at a Facebook coaching group to be riddled with well-written, paragraph-long posts trying to sell the group’s audience. “I used to drive my Toyota Corolla, now I drive a Ferrari. Check out my new course on how you can do the same.

While I admit that it works for some, I see it as an attack on the vulnerable, which is definitely not for me. The mere thought of posting something like this makes me cringe.

Social media is rife with inauthentic characters who will do just about anything for money. Technically, it’s just a poor show of character on their part, but it also ripples through the entire online industry as a whole.

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Create a connection

It doesn’t take much scrolling to stumble upon an “entrepreneur” with the image of an exotic car alongside a cringe-worthy legend. Images like these are exploited by marketers to create envy and sell the dream to their beloved fans. However, what most creators don’t realize is that when they post these kinds of posts, they lose the ability to truly connect with their audience.

Rather than posting about the car, instead write about the history of what it took them to get there. Story is the most powerful way to influence, engage, and inspire that will resonate with your audience and create a real, lasting emotional connection.


By now, we all know that people do business with those they know, love and trust. An added benefit of being authentic is that you will be able to tell those who really like you and those who don’t. Being genuine can make you vulnerable, as sharing personal stories can expose you to criticism. By doing this, however, you are able to exploit psychological biases such as sympathy bias, which creates a bond between you and your audience that they can’t help but tell their friends about.

The more people who really love you, the more people there are who will naturally be more inclined to do business with you. Rather than just showing off your beautiful car in your marketing, tell the story behind what it took to get you there – a lot more people will love you for it.

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Stand out from the crowd

Social media posts cost a dime a dozen. In contrast, genuine, authentic and personal stories are much less common. When someone tells us an authentic story, we are up to 22 times more likely to remember it because we can resonate with it. A lot of people think the best way to stand out is with insane photography and graphics. While it certainly plays a role, authenticity is much more powerful when it comes to breaking the mold and standing out.

In my own personal experience, I’ve found that the most engaged posts are where I share an authentic story that means a lot to me. Remember, humans are emotional creatures. By pairing great photos with authentic captions, you’ll be sure to stand out and become more memorable.

In a world full of entrepreneurs and marketers who can be anything but honest, take the path of authenticity in everything you do. As a result, you will bond with your audience indestructibly, set yourself apart from your competition, and ultimately be more successful. So go ahead, speak your truth and present yourself as your most authentic self.

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