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ViDiLOOK’s breakthrough blockchain and new media technology has received huge support from world-renowned media companies

ViDiLOOK: Created by ViDiLOOK Tech, a new blockchain-based media content incentive network, ViDiLOOK’s goal is to build comprehensive blockchain value for the content production domain (including creators UGC, PGC, OGC) in a decentralized way. The network enables content producers, content consumers, content filters, and green builders to earn reasonable returns.

As the world’s leading new media + blockchain circulation platform, the development of ViDiLOOK is naturally inseparable from the support of technology and capital. Behind the success of ViDiLOOK, it has obtained a number of capital investments and global blockchain technology experts to jointly conduct the dedicated research and created such a new multimedia platform with a low threshold and earning l money through network traffic.

ViDiLOOK Tech is a blockchain media company strategically invested by Kadokawa Company. Founded in Silicon Valley, the company is a technology-based company that focuses on “blockchain + new advertising mediums”. ViDiLOOK’s core team consists of the original team of Kadokawa Companyone of the largest media groups Japanwith a market value of 375.7 billion yen, and also famous new media like Niconico. ViDiLOOK will rely on the strong operational capabilities of Kadokawa Company to launch a blockchain and new media revolution.

In terms of advertising and marketing, ViDiLOOK Tech has many years of experience in the global mobile advertising market and extensive globalized operating experience, and is a strategic partner of Appcoach, a famous mobile advertising platform in United States. As a global technology-driven mobile effects marketing company spanning global media resources, the ViDiLOOK platform it has built will be committed to seamlessly linking global advertisers to individual traffic, while helping new media users maximize their revenue.

In terms of the team, the core management and operation team of ViDiLOOK is composed of board members of famous international investment groups, internationally renowned blockchain experts, committee members of international blockchain experts, data intelligence scientists and global marketing experts. And the underlying architects, application engineers and blockchain technology front-end and back-end technical personnel, operation centers are located in 17 countries around the world, mainly in EuropeAmerica and South East Asia, and cooperate with the information of media platforms and data integration agencies in more than 80 countries around the world. achieve deep cooperation.

In terms of investment, ViDiLOOK was led by the Indonesian fund GDP Venture, followed by the South Korean fund KB Investments, Singapore funds Golden capital of the equatorSouth Korean investment institution Korean investment partners and Indonesian funds Kejora Ventures.

With such strong background support, ViDiLOOK will surely lead to a new era of new media and bring a new era of traffic and wealth value to global users.

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