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Twitter will reduce the visibility of Russian state media content

Twitter announced on Monday that it will start labeling and making it harder for users to see tweets about the invasion of Ukraine that contain information from Russian state media like RT and Sputnik.

“For years, we’ve provided more context on state-affiliated media while not accepting ad dollars or boosted counts,” Twitter said in a tweet. “With many people looking for credible information due to the conflict in Ukraine, we are now adding labels on Tweets linking to state media and reducing the visibility of content.”

Twitter said it saw more than 45,000 tweets a day from people sharing links to Russian state media, far more than from state-sponsored accounts.

Twitter began de-amplifying Russian state media accounts in 2020 and previously banned Russian state media from advertising.

Monday’s announcement will impact people sharing links from these entities.

The move is the latest spat between US social media companies and Russia.

Twitter has been slowed down in Russia several times, most recently on Saturday, and last week Russia said it would limit Russians’ access to certain Facebook features, claiming the company was involved in censorship.

Google and Facebook have also banned Russian state media from monetizing their accounts.

Certain information contained in this report comes from Reuters.

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