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Twitter edit button to allow editing of media content in Tweet

Twitter’s edit button has been spotted again and the raw version of the feature suggests that users can not only edit words but also edit the entire content of their tweet including any type of media such as pictures and videos. Additionally, several screenshots of the new upcoming edit button show what an edited tweet looks like on the Twitter web app.

Twitter edit button to allow editing of media content in Tweet

Reverse engineer Jane Machun Wong shared several screenshots of Twitter’s edit button and showed how the new feature will work. According to the short clip posted by Wong, Twitter users can click on the three dots, select the “Edit Tweet” option from the drop-down menu, and edit the tweet.

However, the reverse engineer says that the current unreleased version of the Edit Tweet reloads media (images, videos, GIFs, etc.) instead of using them. She added that the video is turned into an image that could be a case of “media mismanagement”. In response to a question, Wong said this could mean users can override media when editing their tweet.

Additionally, she posted two separate tweets showing how an edited tweet as well as an edited old tweet should look on Twitter Web App. In the case of an edited tweet appearance, there will be a clickable “Edited” link next to the timestamp. It is assumed to show all previous versions of this tweet.

In addition, in the second case, Twitter will notify users of an old, unmodified version of the Tweet by mentioning: “There is a new version of this Tweet”. below the original tweet.

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