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Tom Rice and Ralph Norman Introduce Social Media Content Moderation Bill | Local News


Two members of Congress from South Carolina are looking to make sure Big Tech keeps its promises to keep its social media platforms free from political bias.

Congressman Tom Rice, a Republican representing most of the Pee Dee and Grand Strand areas of the state, Rep. Ralph Norman of South Carolina and David Joyce of Ohio introduced promoting accountability rather than moderation in the social media environment. [PROMISE] Act Monday.

“From removing conservative content to banning conservative ads, we’ve seen time and time again that Big Tech lies to the American people when it claims to operate under the guise of neutrality,” Rice said. “The PROMISE law will help prevent Big Techs from arming themselves against Americans who hold opinions different from those of Silicon Valley billionaires. This legislation requires Big Tech to explain their content moderation policies and holds them accountable for following through. these policies. ”

“With just a small handful of platforms dominating the online exchange of ideas, it is essential that their content moderation policies are implemented consistently and fairly across all levels,” the member said. Joyce Congress. “Sadly, we now know that Big Tech and Silicon Valley often do the exact opposite, suppressing rhetoric and views they disagree with. The natural competition of all thoughts and expressions – not just those which are popular in elite circles – is a staple of any free and democratic society. That is why I am proud to present to you the PROMISE Act. Holding Facebook and other online platforms accountable for their decisions Censorship biased, this important legislation will help ensure that the Internet fosters the free exchange of all ideas, whether liberal or conservative.

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