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Tkachenko summarizes the activity of the Ministry of Culture in 2021


Ukrainian Minister of Culture and Information Policy Oleksandr Tkachenko presented the achievements in the field of culture, creative industries, tourism and information security in 2021.

“The Great Restoration – the first restoration program for cultural heritage sites – has been launched. This year he covered more than half a hundred sites. And this is an absolute record for all years of independent Ukraine. The concept of the domestic and inbound tourism program – Discover Ukraine – works. Moreover, Ukraine has seen the number of tourists from the Persian Gulf increase tenfold. In 2021, 79 films were released with state support. The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security was created to counter information threats. In addition, the Filter media project aimed at increasing the media literacy of the population has been launched,” Tkachenko said on Telegram.

He noted that the ministry is currently actively working to promote a barrier-free environment. An example is the Pinzel Museum in Lviv. In particular, the inclusive art program will continue next year.

Tkachenko also said that Ukraine was elected a member of the Committee for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict. In addition, the Minister recalled the decision of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal, according to which the Scythian Gold collection will soon return to Ukraine. In addition, the traditional Crimean Tatar ornament Örnek has been included in the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

According to Tkachenko, the cultural service centers project was launched as a tool for community cohesion in seven regions in 2021. The centers will help develop significant organizational, technical and financial recommendations for the establishment of cultural service centers in all the countries. – open public spaces of cohesion and association of the inhabitants of the community.

Also this year, minimum standards for cultural services were developed and amendments were made to the Law of Ukraine “On Culture”. Tkachenko pointed out that this makes culture visible at the legislative level.

The Minister noted that the digitization of all monuments of immovable cultural heritage – over 100,000 sites across Ukraine – has already been completed. In particular, the National Register of Monuments being created will prevent developers from destroying historic buildings and areas.


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