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ThumbStopper Announces Fully Automated Social Media Content Syndication

ThumbStopper’s content syndication software now supports fully automated content syndication for brands and their retailers through Instagram.

ThumbStopper®, the leader in social media automation and smart syndication for multi-site brands and their retailers, recently announced fully automated support now available for Instagram within its Brand Manager ™ platform. Using the newly released Instagram Content Publishing API, retailers can now connect their business Instagram account. This will allow retailers on Brand Manager to enjoy the same hands-free content posting they already receive for their business Facebook page.

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Retailers who want to continue reviewing, revising, and syndicating content can still do so through Brand Manager, but for the majority of connected retailers (retailers who rely on automated, hands-free content posting), the latest feature of the platform will provide more opportunities to get their social content in front of their fans and followers.

“We are excited to be able to continue to grow in our core area of ​​organic social content syndication,” said Matthew Brown, President and CEO of ThumbStopper. “As consumers continue to increase their daily social media consumption, across various social platforms we know the importance of helping our brands and retail customers meet their consumers where they are with social content. attractive and high quality. Small businesses want to be socially engaged, but are often forced to find the time to create new content and display it on their pages. By automating this part of the process for them now with Instagram, we hope to take a small but important task away from them. “

As one of the first software companies to use the recently released public version of the Instagram Content Publishing API, Brand Manager maintains approval through the rigorous app review process, ensuring that content syndicated through Instagram does this within the guidelines and policies set by Facebook.

Why was Instagram chosen for full syndication support?

Instagram is the second most popular mobile social networking app in the United States, with over 121 million monthly active users. Facebook, currently fully supported by Brand Manager, is the most popular mobile social app in the United States, with just under 170 million monthly active users.

Instagram, the photo and video sharing social network platform launched in 2010. After being acquired by Facebook in 2012, it continued to increase its market share by capitalizing on users’ desires to consume visual content engaging.

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“With 81% of people using Instagram to search for products and services, it’s a natural fit for our brand and retail customers,” said Carissa Mastry, vice president of operations at ThumbStopper. “Our brands create destructive photo and video content for their retailers to syndicate, so leveraging the leading visual sharing platform will have a huge impact on our retailers’ businesses and the brands whose products they sell. “

What does full Instagram syndication support mean for brands?

Brands on ThumbStopper’s Brand Manager platform will have an updated and streamlined user experience that allows content approvers to easily customize, tag and approve content across social platforms. With the new content modals, brand users can edit the same asset differently, so that it can be optimized for the social platform through which it will be syndicated.

Once a brand chooses to enable Instagram, its retailers with a connected Corporate Instagram Page can immediately start receiving content through their Page. Additionally, with the addition of Instagram as a fully supported platform, ThumbStopper client brands will gain the added benefit of retailer-level social performance data, now derived from Instagram analytics.

What does full Instagram syndication support mean for retailers?

Retailers whose Facebook Pages are already connected to their brand’s content through Brand Manager will now be able to get the same hands-free automated post through their company’s Instagram page. Once their brand activates Instagram as a social syndication channel, the majority of retailers will also immediately receive branded content through their Instagram page. Retailers will continue to benefit from Brand Manager’s smart syndication, which ensures that no content is published at exactly the same time or in the same way across retailers or channels.

“Retailers on ThumbStopper are already seeing fan growth and organic reach on Facebook that is surpassing their peers,” said Branden Elwell, vice president of business development. “Since Instagram is now a fully supported channel for content syndication, we expect these growth numbers from Facebook to be reflected for our retailers on sister platform Instagram. “

Full Instagram syndication support through Brand Manager is currently in its final beta phase and will be available as a feature enhancement to ThumbStopper brand customers over the next few weeks, with a full rollout expected by now. the end of the second quarter of 2021.

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