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Three Ways Social Media Content Creators Can Stay Inspired


Social media content creators have become more important than ever. With an estimated 3.78 billion users worldwide, social media has become one of the most dominant industries in the world. But it also means that these people work for an industry which is quite demanding and requires a lot of devotion.

Content creators are responsible for the representation of brands in the better light possible on social platforms, and therefore they cannot produce just anything. Their content must be:

  • catchy
  • interesting
  • influential and
  • relevant to the brand industry.

However, it can be unbelievably hard to produce compelling, niche content when you feel… well, uninspired.

If you’re a social media content creator who just can’t seem to get rid of that creative block, media update Lara Smit is here to introduce you to three ways that will help you find inspiration.

We’re diving, pals!

1. Let your creative flag fly

If you get caught up in a routine of producing similar content again and again, this can easily make you feel less passionate about your job. Plus, feeling stuck in a rut of monotony can be demotivating and leave you uninspired when coming up with new ideas.

However, you can break away from the mundane and feel inspired again by simply become creative.

Creativity allows you to strike a balance between work and play, which makes your job more fun and fulfilling. Plus, it has a number of mental health benefits that contribute to your:

  • productivity
  • concentration, and
  • imagination.

How? ‘Or’ What? Well, creativity helps you get into the “zone”. The “zone” – also known as the “flow state” – is a trance-like state in which your attention is fixed on what you are doing.

It’s a Great way of being because your thinking and your performance are optimized. Therefore, when you have completed a task in this mindset, it really the feeling of having accomplished something. This, in turn, makes you feel positive about your work and inspired to do similar work in the future.

Being in the “zone” is also quite a meditative and forgiving feeling. This means your job will be less demanding and stressful, which will improve your overall mental well-being.

Another great mental benefit of being creative is that it exercises your body’s most important muscle: your brain! How? ‘Or’ What? Mundane activities and behavioral patterns tend to leave parts of the brain dormant because they are not being used. But, by being creative, these inactive parts are activated again.

With more parts of your brain used, you will find your work more stimulating and engaging, which inspires you to climb disabled this hamster wheel and do Following! By using these new parts of your brain, you will also find that it will be easier to come up with new ideas for content and to think. outside from the box in which you operated. Your ideas will also be of better quality with all this new brain power and your mental crisis will become a inspiration peak!

2. Use visual tools

Visual tools are a great way to find inspiration. How? ‘Or’ What? While they help you put together images that you feel are representative of the business you’re creating content for, they give you some pre-existing creative ideas to work on. It’s a bit like lighting a creative candle (so to speak) with a candle already lit.

These images generally serve as a visual guide that motivates the style and tone of the content you create.

A Great visual tool to use is a mood board. This is an array to which you can physically attach a collection of images. These visuals will represent a particular look or evoke a specific sentiment that you think resonates with the brand.

They act as a kind of visual director for your content and help you keep your posts consistent. In addition, creating mood boards is a physical process that too get your own creative juice churning.

Additionally, you can create digital collages on blank templates that act as mood boards, allowing you to play around and get creative with the images.

Pinterest is a good example of a digital mood board and is actually a guilty pleasure for numerous. It is similar to physical moodboards in that it allows you to collect images that you associate with your brand.

However, this particular tool goes one step further and also serves as a search engine for these images. Hence, you can search for pictures and save them to the various digital boards that you have created.

This allows you to upload, save and organize the content (be it images, videos or quotes) that you love, adding another dimension to your collections.

It is an ultimate inspiration paradise. Need we say more?

3. Take those mental breaks

There is a famous quote from Shakespeare that says:

“Love flees those who pursue it, and those who flee, it throws itself at its neck.”

Likewise, inspiration is hard to come by when you are constantly look for that.

Sometimes when you feel comfortable or familiar with creating content, you start to lose appreciation for it. As a result, your job begins to feel like a mundane chore and you develop mental blocks. It allows you to feel passionate and innovative about the content very difficult because your mind resists it In any event that he can.

It is at these times that it is necessary to take a to move back and to recover. Some good ways to do this are by participating in hobbies such as:

  • reading
  • spend time in the sun
  • exercise or play sports
  • spending time with pets, friends or family
  • watch movies or series
  • pastry or cooking
  • listen to music and
  • meditate or do yoga, to name a few.

But why does this help?

When you continue to focus on your inability to produce content, your stress increases and can become overwhelming.

By distracting yourself, your stress will decrease and you will feel like you can manage it’s better. Plus, doing the things you love increases your endorphin, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin levels.

These “happiness hormones” don’t just improve your mood, they give you more energy and confidence to tackle at work. Plus, they improve your brain functions – making your memory and cognition a lot better!

Happiness hormones like serotonin also help you sleep better, as well as treat stress and anxiety hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Therefore, you will feel well rested and relaxed when it is time to start creating content again!

What other tips can you give to content creators to help them stay inspired? Let us know in the comments section below.

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