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The health department monitors social media

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s health department has decided to monitor its employees’ use of social media to take action against those who make critical comments about government policies, officials say.

They told Dawn that the department would also withdraw from medical education institutions that its deputies officials found “misusing” social media platforms.

Officials said the department established the Social Media Monitoring Unit to ensure “effective coordination, monitoring and enforcement” of its social media policy in health facilities and offices, in accordance with the Rules of Conduct for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government Officials, 1987.

According to them, the SMMU will operate under the supervision of the assistant secretary of the (establishment and administration) with assistant secretary administration, assistant secretary (litigation), director (administration) and assistant director (human resources) of the general directorate of health services. and Deputy Director (IT) and Section Officer (General) of the Department of Health as members.

A notification issued by the office of the health secretary said the newly formed unit would act as a watchdog for monitoring the social media activities of health department employees. It will coordinate with the district health workersmedical superintendents, various directors and other field offices for compliance with social media rules, review the content of a message posted on social media platforms and determine if it is embarrassing to the government or if it is is about politics.

Her responsibilities included formulating strategies regarding raising awareness and spreading the health policy among employees and recommending disciplinary action, and maintaining records regarding employee violations of the social media policy. It will meet regularly to review the implementation of the policy.

Another letter from the health department titled “performance and conduct of officials working in MTIs in deputies” was sent to the 11 MTIs in the province asking them to strictly monitor the social media activities of officials working under their supervision.

He said civil servants working in MTIs were governed by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Rules of Conduct for Civil Servants, 1987 and other relevant government laws, rules and regulations.

“As a large number of officials work in the MTIs on a delegated basis under the direct control of the respective MTI Board of Governors, you are requested to strictly monitor their performance as well as their professional conduct, particularly in the use of all social media platforms,” ​​it said.

The letter also stated that general instructions had been given to health department officials regarding the use of social media platforms, while instructions had been given to MTIs to report the names of officials found guilty of have committed a flagrant violation of these instructions and rules.

Source: This news was originally published by Dawn

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