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The Haverstraw content creator and musician is impacting society through social media platforms

Jevohan Barnes, also known as Hova Beats, is a Rockland native looking to inspire fellow artists. How does he do that? Through social media platforms and online content creation. Currently, the creator has over three social media platforms including his new brand, “Motivation is Key NY”, which premiered in June 2021. Other platforms include 2022 Artists on The Come Up, Hova Beats and Battlezone Barz.

Barnes intends to create a showcase for other like-minded artists to come together and collaborate on their creations. “I want to be more active with the community,” Barnes said. It also has strong ties to Haverstraw’s VOH basketball league, which was established in 2013 by Sean Stanley, also known as Bread Bronson or Wunda. What Stanley and Barnes have in common is that they are both musical artists from the Haverstraw area. “I always congratulate him (Stanley) because he paved the way for our community and for our people who dream of basketball, or even those who play because they love the sport,” Barnes said. He plans to start his own team in the near future at the Haverstraw Community Center.

Before music came into play, North Rockland alumni played sports. He credits his motivation to play sports with opening the door to more opportunities for his music and fashion endeavors. You can see him practice his basketball skills at the Haverstraw Community Center, which plans to become a state-of-the-art outdoor fitness court with support from MVP Health Care and the National Fitness Campaign (NFC).

Barnes knew he wanted to get involved in music production in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2016 that he started making beats on songs and then participating in beat battles. Recently, Barnes was cast on famed hip-hop artist Fat Joe’s project, “Connected, Vol. 2.” where he was able to release his produced song, “4 Da Hometown,” which references the Rockland/ Haverstraw “Life is life, so you just have to make the most of it and leave your legacy, create one and pass it on to future generations,” Barnes said.

Barnes continues to remain heavily involved in the music community as he co-owns the Battlezone Barz rap contest, along with Matt Rivera, also known as Cheap Wrestler. They’ve held plenty of quarantine battles, but are happy to start attending new in-person events. On June 18, American Coliseum Wrestling (ACW) will be coming to Haverstraw to team up with Battlezone Barz around 1:35 p.m. before their wrestling event begins. Don’t miss the fun of the community!

Barnes’ apparel brand, “Motivation is Key NY”, is aimed at athletes and music enthusiasts to promote a healthy, active and motivated lifestyle. To learn more about his brand, you can visit his instagram page @motivationiskeyny.

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