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Team Whistle Launches Social Media Content Agency Magnet

Team Whistle, a division of Eleven Group, said it launched Magnet, a social media content agency specializing in sports content for Gen Z and millennial consumers.

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Danielle Johnsen Karr was named to direct Magnet. Previously with advertising agency McCann New York, Johnsen Karr will oversee creative development, content production, talent sourcing, ideation and execution for brands.

She reports to Dustin Fleischman, executive vice president of brand partnerships and revenue.

Danielle Johnsen Karr

Danielle Johnsen Karr (Image credit: Magnet)

Team Whistle already generates more than four billion views per month and 8 billion minutes of watch time on social platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Recent Team Whistle content enablement partnerships include Fortune 500 customers such as General Mills, KFC, Chipotle, eBay, WNBA, Wendy’s and Levi’s.

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“We see Magnet as the true hub of everything Team Whistle offers, giving us the ability to bring best practices and centralized insights from our brand customers, platform and creator partners and our owned channels and exploited to fuel social work first,” said Johnsen Karr. “I look forward to supporting existing customers and attracting new ones that we can empower to grow their voice authentically and help their brands stand out.” ■

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