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Tarun Katial and Keertan Adyanthaya launch a new company “Serendipity Media Technology”

Tarun Katial, ex-CEO of Zee5 and Keertan Adyanthaya, ex-head of content and communications for The Walt Disney Company APAC in Hong Kong, came together to launch Serendipity Media Technology, an AI-powered platform that empowers writers, producers and entertainment platforms with relevant and relevant content. Serendipity aims to transform the way writers create content and how media platforms assess and choose scripts that are relevant to their audiences.

Having successfully made a name for themselves in the broadcast and digital media space, and with a collective experience of over five decades, the co-founders harness their own rich knowledge and deep understanding of the needs and requirements of media platforms. as well as content creators. and producers in creating and matching popular content with relevant audiences. The platform they are creating will initially be launched in India and then quickly rolled out to global markets such as the US and UK.

Serendipity Media Technology will be instrumental in the end-to-end evaluation of the story by providing writers with information and intelligence that will help them create content that best matches broadcasters or platforms, allowing producers to filter content according to relevance and provides an in-depth understanding of the audience’s psyche to the platforms.

Katial, co-founder of Serendipity Media Technology, said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of our new business. Our goal is to provide copywriters with tools that ease the burden of content creation through a structured approach and AI assistance.

Adyanthaya, co-founder of Serendipity Media Technology, said, “We are excited to create an all-inclusive platform that not only strengthens and enables content creation, but better understands audiences. This will help us deliver well-defined content with a higher success rate for everyone in the value chain. “

The platform should be commissioned from mid-July 2021.

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