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Students team up to create social media content for college sports

A group of Ithaca College students with just a few cameras and a few years of experience teamed up to take photos of athletes in action to spruce up the Bombers’ social media accounts.

the Office athletics Communications consist of Associate Director Justin Lutes and Athletic Communicationss partners Dan DeCaria and Bridget McCann. Previously, each team’s social media accounts were managed by individual team coaches or managers and lutes. In February 2020, sophomore Peter Raider approached Lutes with the idea of ​​having a student-run creative content team. Raider is now the Creative Content Manager for the Office athletic communications.

The group started with seven students and carried out their first project during the 2019-2020 basketball season with live social activities. media campaigns during matches.

The team is now composed of 19 students and is divided into two groupsthe one who creates the photographs, videos and graphics and one who works with teams to create a social media calendar and post the created content.

Lutes said he had no hesitation in giving students access to the college’s athletic platforms.

“They are all very bright students and they really enjoy doing this,” Lutes said. “It gives them the opportunity to gain experience as students before they graduate in a few years. “

However, COVID-19 threw a wrench into the students’ plan. The team anticipated that they would start creating content for the social media accounts of the spring 2020 sports teams, but after the college sent the students home in March 2020, Raider said most of the squad turned out to be was dissolved.

Raider said he was eager to bring his team back to content creation.

“During the fall I knew I wanted to revive this team, but I was trying to think about the best ways to do it,” said Raider. “Before the start of the lessons, I started to build a team and everything fell into place. Everything is fine. “

Raider said his passion lies in filming, and that he and his team are always thinking about ways to produce unique content, such as focusing on athletes during training or featuring coaches.

Lutes said the team spent time reaching out to each team’s coaching staff to identify who manages their social media accounts. The student team then works with the person who manages the account to produce content. then publish on their respective platforms. The main account of Bombing sports then redistribute the post to drive traffic to that particular sport.

“They focus on building the brands of our teams by providing them with content,” Lutes said. “Then we will share it, retweet it or put it in our story and then bring our followers back to the teams to develop their interactions as well. … We haven’t been able to play any games so I can’t wait to see where that takes us when we return to competition.

Lutes said Bombers Sports Instagram just reached 6,000 subscribers and gained over 200 this last semester alone.

Emma Fruhling senior is deputy director of creative media. She worked for Lutes’ office for two years and got involved with the creative content team after wanting to see more consistent posts among the Bombers accounts.

Fruhling attends training for gymnastics, wrestling, women’s football and the men’s and women’s diving teams. She said she loved filming and coming up with captions for the posts and has just developed an interest in photography.

Raider and Fruhling said they spend around 15 to 20 hours per week covering the account’s practices.

“Later I would love to be a content creator, creative or social media manager for a management program,” Raider said. “If the opportunity arises, then I would go work for a pro team. Corn I would like to work for a college program, specifically in Division I, once graduated. I think working in varsity athletics is a bit more valuable than working in the pros. You develop relationships with athletes and really tell interesting stories in college. “

Fruhling said the team is always on the lookout for students interested in helping produce content.

“There’s no better time to make mistakes than when you’re in college,” Fruhling said. “The greatest thing I can say to any freshman is to jump to any place or opportunity in front of you.”

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