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As Gen Z – a contingent of people who demographers say were born after the mid to late 1990s and before the early 2010s – move closer and closer to adulthood, some fear inheriting a world characterized by social unrest and political turmoil.

Allen ISD freshman Ishaan Gupta is doing his part to help equip this generation for a tough business.

“Where every news about COVID, politics, social justice – all of this is so important, I’ve noticed that a lot of my peers don’t have a solid understanding of what’s going on in the world,” he said. -he declares. “Many of my friends did not have concrete knowledge of what was going on politically [or] economically so I found this to be a major problem considering that my age group is only a few years away from entering the workforce and [assuming] influential positions. These are the next CEOs, authors, innovators [and] activists. “

Gupta, 15, responded by launching an online newsletter called Teenitics with a stated goal “to disseminate information about important events happening around the world to adolescents, children and young adults in a meaningful way and without conditions “.

Since launching on February 27, Teenitics has covered news ranging from Germany’s “demand” for COVID-19 vaccinations to President Joe Biden’s proposed expansion of the Affordable Care Act. Each newsletter, which is managed by Gupta through email marketing company Mailchimp, highlights one news item per day.

“He doesn’t have a very complicated vernacular; it’s just a pretty down-to-earth and laid back language that they can also get on with their day, ”he said. “When they read my article, they got all the information they needed on this topic, so if tomorrow I asked them about it, they would have a pretty good understanding of it. “

Teenitics has attracted dozens of subscriptions since its launch and has received a positive reception, Gupta said.

“A lot of my friends came back to me saying it was really working for them and they were really getting a lot out of it. Even a few of my teachers have given me feedback that they plan to have a really positive impact on the students, ”he said.

Yet another new venture, Gupta’s newsletter services have a primary focus at the Lowry Freshman Center at Allen ISD, of which he is a student. Gupta envisions further growth for Teenitics and, based on previous comments, predicts it will have a positive impact.

“Whatever I do, I want to have a lasting impact, be it in finance, science… Whatever I want to do, I want to make an impact on this world for my community and for the world at large. “

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