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Streator Elementary students learn digital citizenship, media literacy and internet safety – Shaw Local


As an instructional technology coach for Streator Elementary District 44, Carolyn Wargo prepares students for the jobs of tomorrow – today.

In addition to teaching technology to District 44 students, Wargo also works with the faculty to find new programs and software that might benefit their class.

Every week, Wargo offers K-5 lessons to help students better master computers, technology, and other 21st century skills.

Students learn to use their Chromebooks respectfully and responsibly. Digital citizenship, media literacy and internet safety are all emphasized with students. All students learn about the main Google applications (Docs, Slides, Sheets and Gmail) and how to use them effectively to meet their academic needs and to communicate successfully with staff members and peers.

Throughout the school year, Wargo searches for new programs, extensions and applications that can be used by teachers and students. Wargo offers workshops and other professional development opportunities for the institution to learn about these new resources and how to integrate them to help improve their current curriculum.

“This job has given me the opportunity to network with educators around the world and allow me to participate in ongoing professional development,” Wargo said. “I share this knowledge with faculty and students. My students are learning 21st century skills that they can use later in the job market. Staff members use technology to reach all different types of learners through the use of accessibility tools to make learning equitable for all students. »

This is Carolyn Wargo’s 19th year teaching and her second year as an Instructional Technology Coach.

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