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Stats Perform Transforms Sports Media Content Creation with PressBox Platform

The PressBox platform enables media to capture important moments for sports fans to increase subscriptions and maximize ad revenue.

LONDON and CHICAGO, June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Stats Perform, the sports data and AI technology leader, announced expanded capabilities in its PressBox platform that offers media a streamlined set of AI-powered tools to provide high quality content to fans. Enhancements to PressBox Graphics, PressBox Live and PressBox Video provide access to data, historical context and mobile content creation in an integrated platform to meet the demands of today’s sports fans.

The PressBox platform allows broadcasters, social media teams, producers and content creators to access live match data, out-of-the-box video and create social graphics before, during and after the game. The suite is the culmination of Stats Perform’s heritage, expertise and vision to use AI alongside the depth and breadth of the company’s Opta data.

“PressBox is the platform for sports media content creators to deliver the best experiences for sports fans,” said Nancy Hensley, product and marketing director at Stats Perform. “With this offering, Stats Perform continues to drive transformative value and lead industry innovation, capturing the moments that matter to meet the demands of today’s fans.”

PressBox is the only unified AI-powered platform designed specifically for sports media content creators to enable breakthrough storytelling that drives fan engagement, increases subscriptions and maximizes business opportunities. The platform unifies PressBox Graphics, PressBox Live and PressBox Video with Stats Perform’s Opta data and AI-powered applications, providing all the tools broadcast and media teams need to increase productivity, create scale content and tell unique stories faster. It hosts all these essential tools with a single sign-on feature. Global PressBox users continue to rely on PressBox to help them engage their fans and tell great stories with over 20,000 logins per month.

As part of Stats Perform’s Moments That Matter product showcase event earlier today, Stats Perform explored the platform’s extensive features, including:

  • PressBox Charts and its new mobile functionality, PressBox Graphics Mobilewith mobile graphing functionality that allows creators to mine data, create and amplify content by sharing it with colleagues, influencer networks, athlete groups, sports fans and more again, all via a mobile device.
  • PressBox Live which now includes NFL and NCAA football coverage, enhanced contextual information via a live data feed, and offers direct access to Stats Perform’s award-winning data editorial team for fast data and insights.
  • PressBox Video and its expanded editing capabilities on the platform, increased access to global sports video content, and a new premium pay-per-view sports video plan.

These enhancements simplify workflows and increase access to the assets that sports media content creators need to engage sports fans. The app’s new features also reduce the time, effort and complexity required to bring meaningful moments, videos, graphics, sports and stories to market.

“There is nothing else on the market that matches the capabilities of the PressBox platform,” said Paul Every, Vice President of Media Products at Stats Perform. “We know that today’s fan wants content that is timely, relevant, fast and easy to consume. The challenges for media broadcasters and publishers are to identify key storylines, from key moments, and then to bring them to life. PressBox not only identifies key storylines, but also gives clients the tools to publish them to their audience in an engaging way.”

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