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Sprouter app gives users the ability to manage all social media platforms in one app

Daniel Everist, founder and CEO of Sprouter, a smartphone app that is transforming the way people and local businesses connect with their networks.

Daniel Everist, 24, a marketing entrepreneur, pitches the Spouter app to provide an experience for users rather than a product. The app helps users manage all social media platforms in one place.

April 28, 2022 – Maintaining social media platforms is a challenge these days. Whether someone is using social media platforms for personal gain, local business marketing, or more, it is difficult to maintain a presence on social networks and ensure that their content reaches a wider audience. To provide experience, Daniel Everist, a 24-year-old marketing entrepreneur, presents an app called Sprouter.

Sprouter is the ideal tool for individuals, students or business owners. This allows them to quickly communicate with friends, check their social media feeds, and engage with others.

How it works?

Whether someone owns a restaurant, has a local business, or is just a social media user, Sprouter can help them make their social management easier.

Sprouter makes it easier than ever to expand a digital footprint among consumers. Using the mobile app, users can track and manage their business information and schedule or post to all your channels with just one click. Users must place their Sprouter link in their bio on all social sites and add their unique Sprouter QR code to their Apple Wallet for others to scan. However, they must ensure that their Sprouting QR Codes are visible and scannable to customers.

Sprouter’s goal is to connect people faster, easier, and more consistently than ever before while sharing life’s best moments. Sprouter improves user experience on social media and the entire social media ecosystem.

Except for PPC/Targeted Advertising, which supports various marketing initiatives, Sprouter applies modern decentralized marketing tactics at all levels. Sprouter has achieved rapid development by seizing opportunities before many of its competitors.

The company has achieved the best results by adapting to modern culture across many platforms and industries. For example, the company started bringing our pre-existing QR code technology to physical customers to deliver customer-centric solutions like a restaurant’s digital menu. Sprouter users will be able to go far beyond the platform’s existing capabilities.

For the first time, Sprouter is available as a desktop application. The mobile and desktop editions will be analytically capable of aggregating the most important metrics across all your platforms. These metrics will also measure follower growth and post performance across all social media accounts.

Definitely manage different social media accounts and make local business marketing while running a business can be a daunting task. That’s where the Sprouter app can help!

You can easily download the app on your Android and Apple smartphones. If you have any questions, contact the Sprouter Customer Service team at [email protected] or fill out the contact form at

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