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Social media platforms reveal the best branding campaigns of 2021


Social media sites Twitter and TikTok revealed their exceptional 2021 branding campaigns across the Australian marketing landscape.

From telecom operators and tech players to broadcasters, sportswear retailers, QSRs, small businesses, and artists, the listings display growing maturity and innovation around the use of social media not just for storytelling. creative and engagement, but to trigger conversion.

Twitter overview

In its list of top three standout brand campaigns in 2021, Twitter Australia first highlighted the Optus Sports ‘Kicking Goals with Euro 2020’ campaign, which ran alongside the UEFA Euro 2020 championships. form of social media called the campaign the best example of how a brand has digitally reimagined a live event.

The ambition was to create a fan experience for football fans in Australia and to give fans a way to catch up on games. Fans got access to daily personalized updates from the phone company’s account, with a signature Twitter moment. These included highlights, analysis and a subscription offer for Optus Sports. Optus also used takeovers to bolster national impact and around key tournament moments.

The combination of paid and organic Tweets generated 44.7% impressions during the six-week campaign period. Optus also increased the number of subscribers by 14% and saw a 112% increase in the number of people visiting its profile during the period.

Learn more about the Optus campaign here.

Twitter also highlighted Foxtel’s work to set up the launch of the latest Succession Season 3 was the best example of a series launch via the social platform in 2021. The campaign aimed to provide fans of the TV show with personalized experiences using branded notifications and tune reminders. Each post has been personalized to reflect the current sentiment of that particular day (good / neutral / bad) and powered by Twitter Trends.

Twitter said Foxtel also sought to bring out the satirical humor of Succession to life using gifs showing weird and funny moments from the series as well as content reflecting the Roy family’s tone of voice.

Sponsored content by gaming tech company Alienware, related to AFL Season 7, was third on Twitter’s list of best branding campaigns. The Alienware Armchair Experts Invitational campaign has been aligned with 7AFL’s #armchairexperts Twitter show, first shown during the 2018 AFL Premiership season and aired weekly after coverage of the Friday night game.

Tasked with reaching new, incremental online communities outside of Alienware’s hardcore customer base, the campaign used personalized engagement and video solutions to align and connect with AFL fans. The Alienware Armchair Experts Invitational spanned eight weeks with AFL Superstars revealed as PC gamers by host Adam Cooney. The program revolved around Cooney competing in a game of Rocket league, using Alienware M15 laptops.

The campaign generated 33 million impressions, 8.6 million views and a 14.2% increase in subscribers.

Twitter acting chief executive Angus Keene said being a priority and creating meaningful connections with audiences continues to be a priority for brands.

“Our three flagship brands have drawn on these cultural moments to find new and compelling ways to capture the attention of their audiences,” he said. “We’ve also seen brands use Twitter to launch something new. We know that 91% of people on Twitter want to see new brand launches and that twice as many people will talk about a brand if they see their launch campaign on Twitter. For these brands, it has proven to be a powerful way to create a sensation, whether it’s the launch of a new product or a new series. ”

TikTok overview

Meanwhile, a mix of innovative campaigns from big brands, small business creators and brands that have successfully linked social engagement with commerce were highlighted by TikTok as part of its roundup of the best. brand moments of 2021. The platform officially launched its B2B offering in Australia in 2020.

On the list of what TikTok described as “cracking” campaigns paving the way for new use cases was Athlete’s Foot, who reinvented TikTok’s For You page as a running track. As part of the campaign, the advertising spots served as benchmarks for the community. The campaign was the first in Australia to use sequential storytelling on the platform, where users had to scroll through their For You feed to grab the creator and earn a pair of Asics Kayanos. It generated 2.6 million impressions in one day and a reach of 4.9 million throughout the campaign period.

Learn more about the athlete’s foot campaign here.

Mecca also launched a live streaming campaign this year on the platform with Charlotte Tilbury, who saw the duo of fashion looks based on the beauty retailer’s products. It also allowed TikTok users to shop on the Mecca website directly from videos.

According to TikTok, the campaign was Australia’s first gamified effect to increase awareness, brand love and recognition on the platform. Running the interactive ad garnered massive user participation through an abbreviated game that gave users the chance to win $ 1,000.

Telstra was also on the 2021 list for its paid and organic creative content strategy to millennial audiences. TikTok said Telstra adopted its platform to create an affinity with the brand by translating tech-driven or complex messages in a more engaging way.

Macca’s has also performed very well on the platform this year, especially for its 50e anniversary campaign. This gave half a dozen designers the opportunity to create their own version of his jingle, “I love it”. The campaign had over 41 million reach impressions as well as 20,000 pieces of user-generated content.

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From a small business perspective, TikTok named Melbourne bakery Goldelucks as a successful brand this year. Since joining TikTok, Goldelucks has reportedly been selling treats now shipped nationally and has built an international fanbase from content such as cake explosion box videos.

Australian artist, Misscustoms, was also credited with generating 7.4 million likes with her custom sneaker designs which have now resulted in a waiting list, while SMB, Bondi Blades, said 20% of sales came from of TikTok during its first month of advertising on the platform. . Shelbysherrittart, a Ballaret-based potter, also has over 1.8 million followers for a series of content she created in her art studio.

The fifth SME on the list, computer repair firm, Max Hawker, was also honored for sharing videos during the containment of work in the workshop. This brought the number of website visits to 200,000 per month and resulted in the hiring of two staff.

Finally, TikTok noted several brands that took advantage of the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag and trends influencing buyers. Topping the list were Aldi Soup Balls, followed by Kmart Finds,

Officeworks Magic Sticky Notes, Woolies Boba Tea Kits and Glassons Blue Corset Top.

“Brands in Australia have given us joy and encouraged us to be creative. They reminded us of the importance of being authentic when connecting with the community and were able to interact with a large global audience, ”commented Brett Armstrong, Managing Director of TikTok Business Solutions A / NZ. “2021 was the year TikTok became a launching pad for must-have brands and products the community adores. ”

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