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Social Media Platforms Make Privacy A Priority – Boca Raton’s Most Trusted Source

Over the past decade, social media platforms have grown exponentially. The way users use social media platforms has also undergone a sea change. Social media platforms are now an essential part of our lives to keep in touch with our friends and families. During the pandemic, the use of social media platforms as a means of communication has increased further. With the increased use of social media platforms, users have realized that it is difficult to take control of their privacy. Privacy is now a common concern for users of social media platforms. Therefore, social media platforms have decided to make privacy a priority to keep their users happy.

Without taking control of your privacy, advertisers can find out a lot more about you than they need to. On top of that, identity theft and impersonation can wreak havoc. For example, users who download Sexy Pictures on Instagram are more likely to have their images stolen and posted to a fake account. Other threats include insecure connections, data mining, and IP tracking. Keeping all these threats in mind, social media platforms and messaging apps have introduced tons of features to keep their users’ privacy safe.

WhatsApp adds more privacy features for users

Recently, WhatsApp added more features to give users more control over their privacy settings. Previously, users could hide whatsapp status people they did not want to keep informed about the events of their lives. With the latest features, users can now also select who can view their profile pictures and other private details. Previously, everyone in the contact had access to this information, but not anymore. All of these privacy settings can be changed from the Settings section of the app. Many users are happy with WhatsApp’s updated privacy features.

Meta has updated its privacy policy

Meta, which owns Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, has also revamped its privacy policy for users. With this update, users will have a better idea of ​​how their data is being used. This is a welcome change from Meta to boost user confidence. The implementation of the new privacy policy will begin on July 26, 2022.

Meta’s new policy will inform users of the type of data it collects and how it uses that data to provide them with personalized content. In addition to this, it will also include the details of the third parties with whom they share the data. With this level of transparency, users of Meta products can make informed decisions about their privacy settings.

Privacy by Apple

Last year, Apple proved to be a pioneer in addressing the user privacy issue by introducing app tracking transparency. It was no secret that the apps tracked users’ activities for their benefit. They can still do it; however, apps will now require users’ explicit permission. This move by Apple has garnered great admiration from privacy advocates. Besides, it also brought huge loss for many applications. Apple has always cared about user privacy, and it’s good to see it continuing to do the same.

How to take control of online privacy?

Even though social media platforms and Apple have introduced new ways for users to control privacy, it is important that users use these new features. Only when a user consciously takes care of their privacy settings can they maintain their privacy in the online space.

First, the two-factor authentication supported by many apps must be enabled. This gives an extra layer of protection to your accounts. Second, always use strong and different passwords to manage different social media accounts. In addition to this, it is recommended not to over-share on social media platforms. Constant updates on your life can make it easier for a criminal to track you down. Also, if you ever receive threatening messages on your social media account, report the person and take action. It’s good to keep you up to date with the latest privacy and security updates for different apps. so you can use them.

Social media platforms are wonderful for socializing. However, to take full advantage of it, it is important to ensure your privacy.

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