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Social media platforms like TikTok are changing the way we travel


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TikTok is influencing the way the next generation plans their trips


TikTok is influencing the way the next generation plans their trips

Today’s digital revolution has changed the way travelers book travel and decide where to go. Travelers can now research potential destinations, find travel advisors, and even use social media platforms as their primary form of communication. As we travelers become more tech-savvy than ever, we are increasingly starting to rely on digital platforms like TikTok to plan and influence our travel itineraries.

In fact, TikTok has become hugely popular for showcasing authentic moments of immersive travel, including interacting with nature in different ways, sampling street food across cultures, or showcasing distinct local experiences.

So, in Bangladesh’s ever-changing digital landscape, short-form video platforms like TikTok are pioneering the next big revolution in the tourism industry.

How the younger generation travels

Today’s generation loves authentic and real travel experiences, which is why they love turning to their community for reliable travel inspiration. Not only that, but modern travelers are also eager to share their captivating stories and real-life images of their travels on platforms like TikTok, completing a creative cycle that in turn inspires countless others.

The appeal of a travel experience on TikTok is that personal, accessible, and motivational window through which tourists embark on a journey before deciding if it’s worth it – the journey before the journey.

The ease of use of TikTok as a creative platform, where users can post original posts with a wide variety of sounds, effects and other creative tools, further enhances this interaction between imagination and reality. Features like using popular music, hashtags, and filters allow content creators to reach large audiences.

The future of tourism in Bangladesh

Authentic content creators are now using platforms such as TikTok to showcase their immersive experiences of these places, increasing their appeal not only to domestic travelers but also to inbound tourists. Creators also explore hidden gems, off the beaten path, and encourage and influence travelers to explore new territories. There are many examples of TikTok’s success in generating interest in previously unknown places, resulting in a generous increase in tourist traffic.

These lived stories have reignited the desire to travel and fundamentally changed the way destinations are marketed internationally. Travel and tourism marketers are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunities offered by this new generation of digital platforms.

The platform therefore provides a fantastic opportunity for travel destinations and hospitality brands to authentically promote themselves. With 34 billion views, the #TikTokTravel hashtag is one of the app’s most popular. Using this hashtag for tourism and travel businesses is a great way to market locations or activities.

The most effective way to connect with the next generation of travel buyers is through online promotion and engagement. The ability of platforms like TikTok to influence and inspire tourism trends in Bangladesh is therefore an opportunity that could become a model of authentic and inclusive tourism in the years to come.

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