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One bandwagon that you don’t want to miss jumping into is social media marketing for your business. Using social media is a painless and inexpensive way to market your business and increase brand awareness. If you’re feeling intimidated by the plethora of platforms, here’s a guide to the 10 best social media platforms to get started.


Pinterest is an ideal platform because Pinterest users are already looking for something specific to buy. If someone turns to Pinterest, they have an idea of ​​what they want, but just need suggestions for brands or options that are right for them. Pinterest is also a fun way to offer educational content on how to use your product. Showing interesting and creative uses for your product increases its desirability and raises awareness of its versatility. Additionally, Pinterest offers direct help and ideas when browsing using Pinterest as a marketing tool.


Twitter is an adaptable and prolific marketing tool. There are hundreds of millions of active Twitter users every month, and it can be used in various ways. Creating a Twitter account is easy. A more important consideration is how to maximize your profile name and background images. Some experts recommend using your business for your profile name but personalizing the image. Twitter is a great place to humanize your business, learn more about your customers, and engage with them on a variety of topics. Twitter’s quick chat style is different from other more formal platforms, which means you have to share multiple tweets per day. Even though tweets are casual messages, pictures, or GIFs, they can be very effective in expanding your reach, so choose wisely.


YouTube has a staggering reach of billions of users. When a potential customer searches for your product, they are likely to turn to YouTube for more information, tutorials or reviews. This way, you can promote your products to billions of people around the world. Be open to communication from your subscribers and be ready to give them whatever they ask for. You can determine this by closely monitoring the comments section after each post. You can increase your reach on YouTube by getting people to follow your account, asking for specific comments, and producing interesting or entertaining content.


Facebook is a user-friendly platform where newbies can easily get started and be successful. Facebook is popular with businesses because it is highly customizable. It’s simple to create an engaging and descriptive profile page, and easy to update posts regularly. Facebook uses an algorithm that links your business to the people most likely to be interested. This way, Facebook makes the connection for you. The most valuable role you play is to create meaningful content that will target specific groups. You can use text, link to other content, share stories, post an engaging image, or create a video. The best technique is to mix things up, choosing a different type of post to share each day.


Instagram is a very popular platform that uses images and videos to connect people around the world. The creation of a Facebook profile is a necessary prerequisite to create an Instagram account. Once you have your Instagram account, you can start posting. Instagram is very effective at increasing brand awareness and expanding visibility, but to successfully promote your business you need to post at least daily. One of the best tools that Instagram provides for businesses is the Shop tab located on the Instagram home screen. This feature allows people to purchase items directly through the app. Most Instagram users have made purchases from the site, making Instagram one of the most directly profitable social media platforms. Instagram is a popular platform for partnering with influencers, which can be a way to increase your brand awareness exponentially.

Google My business

With the highest number of views per month, Google My Business is a must for any business today. When you register your business on GMB, you connect anyone who searches you on Google or Google Maps with your business profile. GMB provides your contact details, as well as a list of products or services as well as reviews and directions. This is a free service provided by Google, and it has the potential to turn every search that your business is called into into a customer.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is a free international tool that you can use to organize customer contacts, create a business page, and market your products. Whatsapp is gaining ground in the United States, and it is extremely popular in other parts of the world. With WhatsApp, you can call and send messages to international customers for free. You can also use automated replies on the SMS function. With the cataloging feature, you can create an attractive list of your products, complete with color images of each. Customers can then scroll through the virtual catalog to easily make their selections.

TikTok for business

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media apps, with hundreds of millions of users every day. You can earn money or market your brand on TikTok. One way is to team up with influencers who will promote your product to their hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers. You can also advertise on TikTok, where targeting algorithms allow you to reach the right audience for your business. You can create hashtag challenges to generate interest and develop ads and other content that may go viral. TikTok is a great way to reach a younger audience and retain customers for years to come.


Snapchat is still alive and well, especially among millennials. Using Snapchat for marketing and brand awareness is one of the best ways to personalize your business. People don’t want to deal with sterile, anonymous businesses. They want to see the human side of who you are, what you create and what you stand for. Snapchat is a great way to post creative, original, funny, cute, and touching content in seconds. When you bring people into the personal side of your business, they start to feel like you are part of their family. Consider running Snapchat challenges, offering prizes, and previewing exclusive events. You can also create ads with the step by step guide provided by Snapchat.


Once you’ve created accounts and started marketing with some of the more interactive social media sites, it’s time to engage with a more advanced audience through Medium. Medium is a way to publish your original content on a platform with a wider reach. Since you are already posting great content on your website, you just need to repost it on Medium and that content will reach a new audience. Medium can help you refine your content, providing reports and comments on what worked and what didn’t. If you regularly post quality content on your website and other platforms, spread the word on Medium.

You don’t need to get lost in the vast sea of ​​social media platforms. These ten apps are a great place to start. At first, you might feel like you’re stepping into a strange new world, but over time and experience you’ll be texting, tweeting, and posting with the best of them.

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