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SKT opens a new VFX studio to innovate in the production of multimedia content

SK Telecom announced the opening of a VFX studio named “TEAM” to strengthen its content production capacity and expand its partnerships with global media companies.

Located in the Second Techno Valley in Pangyo, TEAM provides an optimal environment for content production via two different LED wall stages – i.e. Volume Stage and XR Stage. The name “TEAM”, which is an acronym for Tech-driven Entertainment for Asian Movement, embodies its ambition to become a global content studio through collaborative efforts.

Building on its leading fixed and mobile network infrastructure, SKT plans to create a global content ecosystem by promoting collaboration between TEAM and other global studios. Nowadays, with the spread of virtual content and increasing customer expectations, the role of virtual studios based on visual effects is becoming more and more important. In particular, virtual production using LED walls is growing rapidly in the global media industry, being increasingly used in Hollywood films. Many companies around the world are actively investing or opening virtual production studios.

In this context, SKT expects connectivity – which enables the sharing of resources and capacities between content production studios using ICT infrastructures such as 5G, AI and the cloud – to become the key to the success in the future global media market.

For example, two studios located far apart can access the cloud to display the same background on their LED walls and film actors in each studio in real time to create scenes that look like they act together in the same place.

SKT plans to promote various strategies aimed at creating valuable synergies by connecting TEAM with various studios. It will first form a consortium with leading studios specializing in LED walls and propose a new paradigm in content production through the sharing of infrastructure and resources between participating studios.

TEAM’s two LED wall scenes can create graphics as realistic as the real world, eliminating the need for outdoor shooting.

Until now, producing content with special effects was a time-consuming and expensive process: actors were first shot on a chroma key green or blue screen and the necessary background graphics had to be added later to complete the job. .

However, with LED walls, which immediately create realistic backgrounds, the actors can concentrate better on their acting and the whole job can be done in less time and at lower cost.

To build superior quality LED walls, SKT has cooperated with various world leading companies including AOTO and Brompton.

Volume Stage, which is applied with a large LED wall, can be used for the production of entertainment content, including soap operas, commercials and music videos, while XR Stage can be used for content with a background interior such as live commercial content. Live streaming of events such as webinars and conferences can also be arranged here.

Going forward, SKT plans to introduce a new trend in content production by combining TEAM studio with its advanced AI media solutions, including media scaling service SUPERNOVA and AI Post Production Platform. , which removes subtitles, music, and other embedded graphics.

Kim Hyuk, Vice President and Head of Global Media Support Office at SKT
Through the application of our fixed and mobile telecommunications, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies, we expect TEAM studio to contribute to the growth of the multimedia content industry. We will lead the global multimedia content production paradigm by promoting collaboration between TEAM and domestic and overseas multimedia studios.

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