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Shinee members and fans are flooding social media platforms to wish the late singer Jonghyun a happy birthday.


Shinee members and fans have taken to social media to remember the late singer-songwriter Jonghyun (Kim Jong-hyun) on his birthday.

Born on April 8, 1990, Jonghyun starred with members Onew (Lee Jin-ki), Key (Kim Ki-bum), Minho (Choi Min-ho), and Taemin (Lee Tae-min) in the wildly popular second generation K-pop group Shinee for nine years as lead singer. He was well known for his vocal range which spanned three octavesfor his talent as a songwriter, producer and successful solo artist.

On December 18, 2017, Jonghyun was found dead in his apartment after committing suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning at the age of 27.

Before his passing, the last song he released was titled “Lonely” and featured the vocals of fellow SM Entertainment singer and Girls Generation member Taeyeon. The ballad’s lyrics described a lingering loneliness that wouldn’t go away, which fans believe could be a sign of deep depression.

Jonghyun’s family would set up a charity one year later, in September 2018, called the Shiny foundation in his memory and to help young artists who are also in difficulty.

Shinee fans, known as Shawols, continue to flood Twitter with videos and photos of Jonghyun as well as happy birthday wishes. Onew and Key also uploaded a photo and video with messages for him on their Instagram accounts.



Shinee frontman Onew called him “The best artist in my life”.

Meanwhile, Key poked fun at Jonghyun as usual with a video of him gobbling up an entire chocolate pie and declaring his desire to share his “pretty face” with everyone. He expressed how much he misses him and how the number of videos and photos he can upload of him is gradually decreasing.

On the fourth anniversary of his death, Minho posted the last photo he took with Jonghyun.

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