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Serial Entrepreneur Mohammed Rashid Khan Merges ‘Cryptork’ Utility Token for Media Platforms; Call it “need of the hour”


Mohammed Rashid Khan is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, known for his brilliant work. He has managed to carve out a niche in various industries like real estate, cryptocurrencies and many more. Rashid is an inspiring personality in the business world who is always looking for more opportunities and his success speaks volumes for his hard work. Now he has come up with amazing blockchain-based cutting edge technology that would make multimedia platforms easier to operate.

He says incorporating innovative methods is the hottest thing to do and always think outside the box in order to achieve the impossible, via BollywoodLife.

Since cryptocurrencies have gained enough prominence in the world, Rashid said this was one of the main reasons he took the topic deeper and brought out Cryptork, which will surely change the face of media from in a big way, according to BollywoodLife.

Earlier, speaking about making dreams come true, Rashid said, “I firmly believe in keeping chasing dreams in order to reach for the stars and keep working hard until you reach the top.”

Image source: Instagram / Mohammed Rashid Khan

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