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Ronn Torossian on Adapting PR Efforts to Social Media Platforms

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, September 16, 2022 / — According Ronn Torossian, the global pandemic has brought many changes around the world, as many businesses have been forced to work remotely, which has made it a bit more difficult to generate insights and track performance metrics for their marketing campaigns. public relations. As PR efforts and social media efforts are based on communication efforts, companies can rely on social media platforms to amplify their PR messages and ensure that they reach many more people in the target audience, as all the posts that a business shares them on social media platforms are in real time. However, before a company can use social media platforms as part of its PR campaigns, it is important to tailor the PR strategy to support social media platforms in the first place.

To research
Torossian says the first step to making sure a company’s public relations efforts are going to adapt well to social media platforms is to understand what has worked well for the company on those platforms in the past. This means that companies should analyze any media coverage they have already received to see which journalists, reporters, influencers and media have talked about the company and its solutions. To fully research and evaluate past public relations efforts, companies need to think about which strategies have worked in the past and which have not, and how much time and money the company has invested in each of them. Companies also need to find a way to demonstrate the performance of their PR efforts on social media platforms and define what they will consider a successful effort. It’s also important for businesses to think about the people and outlets they want to target in the future and start developing relationships with them, as well as finding new angles to share their newsworthy stories with. the public.

The next step is to ensure that the business fully understands its target audience on its social media platforms of choice so that the business can communicate much more effectively with that audience. Many companies that have relied on marketing efforts for a long time tend to overlook this step because they think they already know their target audience, however, consumer behaviors and habits tend to change over time, c That’s why it’s important for companies to keep tracking them. To get a deeper understanding of the target audience, companies need to think about the demographic and psychographic information they already have about consumers and research the audience’s beliefs, pain points, values, habits and more. Once a company has all of this information at their fingertips, it’s time to step back and determine how best the company can promote itself and its solutions with the new information in a way that meets the needs of the target audience.

Finally, companies must use the right tools to communicate more effectively with the target audience. This includes tools that will help the company create and distribute social media content from its PR campaigns, collaborative platforms for employees to stay connected and work together successfully, and more.

Ronn Torossian
Public Relations Manager
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