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Report: Social media platforms will allow election integrity to be questioned after Republicans win it all in November


United States—Since the 2020 election, social media platforms have implemented strict policies prohibiting anyone from questioning the integrity of an election. According to several sources within Silicon Valley, these platforms plan to reverse this policy after the Republicans have won all the elections next November.

“It is a very grave sin to question or question the integrity of our sacred elections, and we must ban anyone who does so. We cannot allow people to erode trust in our holy democracy” , said YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. “That is, unless the Republicans win. Then we will know the election was totally rigged and democracy is under attack.”

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook plan to reverse their policies against questioning the integrity of elections around November 8, 2022, after the Republican Party has won almost every local, state and federal election, as it is planned to do so.

“During November, we will begin banning and demonetizing creators who don’t question the integrity of the election,” Wojcicki said. “If you don’t blame the Democrats’ losses on Russian interference, fraud or racism, you are an enemy of democracy and have no place on our platform.

Some conservatives have pinned their hopes on Elon Musk, who plans to buy Twitter and turn it into a “maximum trust” free speech platform. He also announced some content moderation changes, promising to ban any user who doesn’t respond with the word “NICE” to any contestant who wins at least 69% of the vote.

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