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Ranveer Allahbadia: What to do if your partner’s social media content is bothersome and what to do if you think they have a crush on someone

Should you tell your partner that the photos they upload make you uncomfortable? What if they fall for someone you both know?

So be it

My partner started posting pictures in bralettes on social media, which I’m not very comfortable with, although their content is doing well. There is definitely more trolling. Should I say something?

—Andrew, Bombay

I don’t think it’s fair to comment on someone else’s decisions regarding their body. But if it really bothers you, communicate it ASAP. If they are meant to be your partner, they will understand you completely and you can come to a mutual understanding or solution. But what I personally suggest is let people be. If you like a flower, don’t try to pick it. Let it be, let it grow.

Crush hard

I think my partner has a crush on our fitness trainer, who we started calling home during the pandemic. How can I handle this?

—Akkhil, via Instagram

Every relationship goes through phases like this. Insecurity, jealousy are part of the natural human experience and any form of jealousy must be nipped in the bud. You always have to be open to conversations. Even the first seed of jealousy needs to be vocalized. Communication heals more than you can imagine.

Popularly known as BeerBiceps, Ranveer is a featured YouTuber and digital marketing entrepreneur. His fitness, grooming and wellness videos, and recent podcasts, have won him millions of fans.

From Brunch HT, October 31, 2021

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