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QU’s social media platforms target the World Cup

Doha: A group of young professionals managing the social media work of Qatar University (QU) disseminates a significant amount of outreach messages to the internal and external public of the university. These days they have one addition – content about the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Noora Al Naimi, Section Head of Social Media at the Department of Communications and Public Relations (QU), said that in addition to producing a variety of content with a set of objectives, such as informative short films and publications design (infographics) via official platforms, the section is responsible for managing the official social media platforms of Qatar University.

Al Naimi said the section runs seven official social media sites for the institution, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tik-Tok, Snapchat, Instagram and LinkedIn, with help from social media professionals and four other members. Staff.

She said, “We focus on student research and academic achievement in our posts on these various platforms, as well as success stories and sharing entertaining content that appeals to audiences. We also work to convey student suggestions to the appropriate parties, and we take serious action on any complaints, whether academic or not, we make sure to pass them all on to the administration.

According to Al Naimi, Twitter is the most engaging social media network for students as it enjoys the most local popularity. “We also have a large audience of subscribers across all age groups,” she added.

Najla Al Kuwari, Senior Social Media Specialist at QU’s Communications and Public Relations Department, said the team aims to deliver high-quality content. She pointed out that social media has grown remarkably over the past three years and the focus is currently on the most influential global event, the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar in November. . QU will host Argentina and Spain in its hostels.

Al Kuwari said the department provides live streaming of the events through the YouTube platform.

Yasin Hassan, Social Media Specialist, QU Communications and Public Relations Department, said that by expanding broadcast platforms, work has been done to build and improve social media platforms. To engage young audiences, he said the department had recently launched its Tik-Tok platform – views on Tik-Tok reached around 60,000.

Tala Agha, Graphic Designer, said: “We are creating content and monitoring all social media developments, and at the moment our main focus is to ramp up 2022 FIFA World Cup related content on social media. Through these platforms, we aim to reach both the local community and the international community, including visitors during the World Cup.

Al Mutassim Ali, film producer, said the department produces short films highlighting the most recent achievements of students and faculty, and follows up on lectures and events held on the university campus.

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