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LAKE OSWEGO, OR, Feb. 22 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Trac Solutions, Inc. (OTCPink:PSYC) (“Global” “PSYC” or the “Company”) a media leader for the emerging medicinal psychedelics industry, and the authorities behind Psychedelic Spotlight, a leading psychedelic news and information platform, are pleased to announce that the company has entered into an all-stock asset purchase agreement with Illuminer Digital Services SENC (“Illuminar”) to acquire the brand and copyrighted by The Psychedelic Investor, which includes their digital media library of over 100 business-focused psychedelic videos.

Launched in 2020 by co-founders James Hallifax and Maria Holyanova, The Psychedelic Investor has become an increasingly popular source and authority for insightful information and insights related to the public market sector of the medicinal psychedelic industry.

The companies, which entered into a media partnership agreement in October last year, have spent the past few months collaborating on content development which was highlighted by the week’s livestream event last which featured the CEOs of MindMed, Cybin and Field Trip Health and was moderated by Mr. Hallifax.

“The opportunity for PSYC to welcome into its team the talent, knowledge and creative genius that Mr. Hallifax and Ms. Holyanova each possess is something that we believe will be extremely beneficial in our continued pursuit of building the most important multimedia platform for the psychedelics industry,” said PSYC CEO David Flores. “In the few months since launching our collaboration with The Psychedelic Investor, Psychedelic Spotlight has demonstrated a sensational growth analysis across all platforms including our social media channels I sincerely believe that much of this can be attributed directly to the contributions they have made to content production as well as growth strategies exceptional experiences they helped us develop and implement. In the coming months, we will work strategically to fully integrate The Psych edelic Investor into our platform and with the intention of continuing to foster its growth and value potential within the growing psychedelic investment community.

Along with the asset purchase, Mr. Hallifax and Ms. Holyanova will assume the respective roles of chief content officer and director of Psychedelic Spotlight.

Commenting on the deal, Hallifax had this to say: “Over the past two years, I have used Psychedelic Spotlight extensively for my research into the psychedelics industry. Throughout the early days of The Psychedelic Investor, I had the pleasure of meeting the team behind the content and saw that we shared the same goals and values. After working together for several months, it became clear that we could accomplish more together than apart, which is why this partnership is so exciting. I look forward to seeing how we continue to grow and expand in the years to come.

Ms Holyanova added: “I’m thrilled to join Psychedelic Spotlight’s lineup of terrific talent and look forward to continuing the progress we’ve made so far. As pioneers in the psychedelic industry, our team will continue to explore new avenues to expand Psychedelic Spotlight’s current offerings. We will continue to deliver innovative content and execute on our mission to shine a spotlight on the growing psychedelics industry. Through our coverage, we hope to play a part in alleviating suffering and improving mental health globally.

About Global Trac Solutions, Inc. (OTCPink: PSYC)

At Global Trac Solutions, we integrate media, creativity and technology to develop and deploy thought-provoking ideas and solutions that empower and transform the way we approach some of society’s most pressing issues.

PSYC has expressed its intention and commitment to position itself at the forefront of the psychedelic revolution and as a resource center for discovering and understanding the latest research and business opportunities regarding psychedelic-inspired medicines. Along with the FDA’s more open-minded approach to psychedelic drugs, and as several major US cities continue to approve the decriminalization of psilocybin, we believe investors are speculating that the psychedelic boom might be bigger than that of cannabis. PSYC is your source for news related to psychedelic-specific drug investments and cutting-edge research improving overall health, bringing this industry into the mainstream.

We are dedicated to a forward-thinking approach that embraces breakthrough new technologies and innovations, and through the vision of business development, we intend to continue to evolve into these uncharted territories as industry leaders of the future. . We argue that we really are the right TRAC to follow.

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Disclaimer: Global Trac Solutions, Inc. does not in any way encourage or condone the use, purchase, sale or transfer of illegal substances, nor does it encourage or condone participation in illegal. We support a harm reduction approach to this end of education and the promotion of individual and public safety. If you choose to use psychedelics, please do so responsibly.

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