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Poynter’s MediaWise Expands Digital Media Literacy Program to Help France Slow the Spread of Disinformation


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (February 23, 2022) – French citizens can learn how to protect themselves from false and misleading information on the internet thanks to a new app-based program from MediaWise, the non-profit Poynter Institute’s digital media literacy social initiative.

With support from Meta, MediaWise has launched a 10-day WhatsApp course to help slow the spread of online misinformation in France. Fact-checking training teaches people of all ages how to responsibly interact with the content they see and share on the internet and social media platforms. France is the fourth country to join MediaWise’s international expansion which aims to tackle global information disorder alongside Spain, Turkey and Brazil.

“Empowering people to help them think critically about the media and information they see is key to ensuring more informed decisions,” said Anton Battesti, head of public policy France at Meta. “As the French presidential and legislative elections approach, we are delighted to join forces with Poynter and our fact-checking partner France 24 to roll out the MediaWise program in France which gives every WhatsApp user access to and high-quality advice for spotting misinformation and becoming active consumers of information.

For 10 days, participants receive text messages with simple yet practical fact-checking techniques designed to improve their digital literacy. Each day focuses on a topic such as identifying the dangers of misinformation, recognizing the warning signs of conspiracies and scams, understanding algorithms, and talking to friends and family who share misinformation . The Daily Instructions reference concrete examples of disinformation dominating the news cycle.

“Citizens, communities and countries thrive when everyone does their part to uplift the truth,” said MediaWise program manager Alex Mahadevan. “It means having the skills to find factual information and reliable sources at crucial times when misinformation can do the most harm. We are delighted to offer this free course to the people of France, especially as they prepare to vote in the April elections.

MediaWise has partnered with France Médias Monde’s international news channel France 24 to localize educational content for French audiences. France 24 actively participates in the fight against disinformation with broadcasts in 444 million homes worldwide, including its program “Info or Intox”, daily fact-checking segments on the air, a weekly video module with advice to detect fake news, and an annual edition aimed at high school students in France and overseas. With a combined reach of 55 million subscribers, the network’s digital platforms attract 28.7 million visitors and 158 million video views every month.

Alexandre Capron and Pauline Paccard of France 24 support the initiative as new MediaWise ambassadors who advocate for digital media education for all. The two journalists join a large community of internationally renowned media professionals, including Lester Holt, Joan Lunden, Christiane Amanpour, José Díaz-Balart and Julio Vaqueiro. Capron and Paccard offer professional fact-checking tips throughout the French course to help participants find reliable sources, debunk false claims, and share credible information.

“At France 24, we track fake news daily, much of it sent in by our viewers in France and the French-speaking world,” Capron said. “The MediaWise course is designed to give viewers basic tools and reflexes to help them spot misinformation on their own and not pass it on to friends and family.”

The course is free for French citizens for one year. For more information, visit

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France 24 is an international news channel that broadcasts in English, French, Arabic and Spanish to 444 million households worldwide, with a weekly audience of 98.5 million viewers. France 24’s digital platforms attract 28.7 million visits and 158 million video views each month, and have 55 million followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. France 24 is part of the France Médias Monde group along with RFI and Monte Carlo Doualiya radio stations. France 24 is actively involved in the fight against fake news through its “Truth or Fake” programming (“Info or Intox” in French): daily fact-checking segments on the air, a weekly video module with advice to detect fake news, and an annual edition aimed at high school students in France and overseas. “Truth or False” is produced by the France 24 Observers team.

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