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PM Khan reaffirms that ‘obscene’ social media content leads to divorce

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday that obscene and vulgar content on social media contributes to divorce and sexual deviance. He made the remarks during the inaugural session of the 48th Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Islamabad.

“I believe that Islamic values ​​have never been more under threat than at this time,” the prime minister said, citing the rising incidence of divorces, sex crimes and child abuse in Pakistan.

“After investigation, it was found that mobile phones – the type of pornographic material available to children on phones – were causing havoc in society,” Prime Minister Khan added. He said growing vulgarity online was damaging the family system, leading to divorces. He went on to caution against the “culture of social media“, adding that “we really have to think [about] how we are going to protect our generations”.

In fact, he has previously spoken of rising divorce rates, which he linked to a strong Western influence. In discussing the high divorce rate around the world, the Prime Minister drew examples from his own divorce to explain how children suffer more than any other group.

Using the endemic victim-blaming culture, our Prime Minister Khan also earlier framed the narrative of sexual violence in a way that empowers women to do more.

When discussing the ongoing sexual violence in the country on an international platform, the prime minister offered no reassuring remarks about his government’s efforts to address people’s issues. Instead, he blamed the women. Not just once, but repeatedly.

OIC speech:

Along with blaming social media for rising rates of divorce and sex crimes in the OIC, the prime minister also condemned Islamophobia around the world. “Why was Islam equated with terrorism?” asked Prime Minister Khan.

“We Muslim countries have done nothing to stop this narrative,” the prime minister told foreign dignitaries. He added that positioning certain countries as “moderate Muslims” implied the existence of a radical version of Islam.

He welcomed the resolution against Islamophobia adopted by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) which proclaims March 15 as the International Day for the Fight against Islamophobia.

Prime Minister Khan also said the OIC had “failed” both the Palestinians and the people of Kashmir. “I’m sad to say we weren’t able to make any impact,” he said.

The Prime Minister further claimed that the international community has not taken the OIC “seriously” because Muslim countries are “a house divided and those in power know it”.

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