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Pakistani professors examine social media platforms to promote Islamic content


In this time of great fitnah and shirk, a group of enthusiastic young students and Pakistani teachers gathered in Mashhad many of whom came from Lahore to discuss the current situation and what actions can be taken to save Muslims. It is a group of 30 learned elites, the majority of whom belong to the medical and technical elites. They gathered for a week during the scientific tour of pilgrims called ambassadors of the holy shrine of Imam Reza. They came together to discuss and examine the ability of social media platforms to promote religious preaching activities and the production of Islamic content.

Pakistani professors will examine the ability of social media platform courses to promote religious activities and Islamic content

The International Deputy of the Scientific and Cultural Foundation organized the structure and characteristics of the course. Hoj. Rajaeipour, the class instructor explained the importance of the course structure and how it will bring changes to society. He said:

“The importance of cyberspace and the influence of this medium on the minds of today is the central theme of this course”.

There are many new methods on social media to produce Islamic content and using the new dynamic characteristics of cyberspace, Muslim men and women can be attracted to listen and understand Islam more easily.

Different countries and societies have different preferences when it comes to social media platforms. Any Islamic scholar who creates content for social media should keep this in mind and then prepare the content in the same way.

Members also talked about the importance of complementary software for content production. Some new communication skills have been introduced for better transmission of the message and idea of ​​Islam.

Rajaeipour added:

“It is very important for an activist or an Islamic preacher to be reference-oriented in his remarks. It is therefore very important to be reference-based when producing Islamic content”.

The meeting turned out to be very fruitful and constructive. And it is hoped that the points which have been discussed should be practiced and implemented soon so that people will understand their religion better and more easily.

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