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OODA Loop – Social media platforms remain a force multiplier for information-based threats

A recent report published by The Washington Post revealed how China aggressively uses advanced software to monitor popular social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, among others, to monitor activity and gather information against government officials and Western journalists. In support of his investigation, The post office reviewed approximately 300 Chinese government-related documents (dating back to 2020) and discovered the acquisition of surveillance software designed to exploit social media sites.

According to The post office, the ultimate goal of this collection was to create a database that tracked journalists and scholars of interest to the Chinese government. In addition, The post office identified a project that analyzed communication with Western nations on sensitive pro-democracy topics such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. According to the report, a cyber center in Xinjiang tracked Uyghur content abroad.

Monitoring social media sites is nothing new, as content posted on these platforms is constantly tracked and monitored by all types of organizations (such as law enforcement and intelligence agencies). In fact, “social media intelligence” as a discipline has emerged due to the growing popularity of these outlets. The operation of these platforms is not solely the responsibility of the intelligence and security services.

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