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Online grocer Misfits Market adapts social media content to evolve with Gen Z and Millennials

Misfits Market, the online grocery store and subscription box for fresh produce, leverages social media and outdoor advertising to drive brand awareness while seeking the attention of its target audience: Gen Z and consumers. older millennials.

Specifically, Misfits Market targets 25-49 year olds in the United States who are looking for a better, less wasteful and more affordable way to shop. Misfits Market deliberately segments its content by channel. For example, the brand creates posts for its 342,000 followers on Facebook, while focusing on content worth saving and sharing for its 471,000 followers on Instagram, where it posts recipe videos featuring the designer. of culinary content Emerald Chan and celebrity chef Bobby Flay. And on Twitter and LinkedIn, Misfits Markets focuses on newsworthy posts.

“We’ve noticed a significant shift towards shorter-form video content over the past two years, particularly Instagram Reels and TikTok,” said Holly Eagleson, VP of Brand Misfits Market, when asked. how the company’s marketing strategy moved from 2020 to 2021. “In 2020, the focus was on Instagram stories and instant content creation. The following year, we entered the world of [Instagram] Carousels and the creation of permanent educational content that we have optimized for saving and sharing. »

According to Eagleson, the focus is on video content in 2022, with a focus on 9-16 format videos that can be used on both Instagram Reels and TikTok. Misfits Market also started adding personalities to its TikTok account this year, and the brand started using TikTok more frequently.

To create the branded content, Misfits Market’s social media editor tapped into the frustrations associated with managing social media for a brand, the silliness of being the youngest Gen Z member on a team, and respond to food trends. “TikTok is where we can test a little bit of everything, and we can be a little more playful and personify our brand,” Eagleson said.

Last month, Misfits Market performed an OOH activation in New Yorkin the Chelsea neighborhood, which demonstrated the brand’s unique way of saving money on groceries in the face of rising food prices and other inflationary pressures. The pop-up sought to illustrate the difference between the wasteful food supply chains of traditional grocery stores and the Misfits Market supply chain that saves consumers money. It featured an interactive Rube Goldberg machine with visual and audio cues highlighting areas of supply chain inefficiency, and offered attendees discounts on their first Misfits Market orders and the chance to win free groceries during a year.

Eagleson said Instagram and Facebook remain Misfits Market’s top advertising spend channels because those channels are where its target customers spend a lot of time. However, it’s unclear how much of Misfits Market’s overall advertising budget is allocated to its social media marketing or OOH activation, as Eagleson declined to share overall budget details. According to Pathmatics, the brand has spent just over $23 million so far in 2022 on advertising efforts.

When it comes to spend for its OOH campaign, Misfits Market’s paid ad spend, including geo-targeted ads on Facebook and TikTok, accounted for less than 4% of spend for the entire project, according to Eagleson. “We wanted to direct foot traffic to the activation, but because it was already a busy venue, driving footfall was a lower priority for us than getting the activation close to the media, d ‘where the decision to activate in New York and the opportunity for strong content capture by our New York-based creative team,’ Eagleson said.

Misfits Market’s average monthly engagement rate was 2.2% in July and 3.15% in September, according to social analytics tool Sprout Social. “Our success is partly due to a shifting strategy to incorporate more coils, refining our strategy to focus on passive cooking (meal assembly) versus active cooking (recipes involved), and incorporating more copy provocatively in our picture posts,” Eagleson said of the Misfits Market result refining its social strategy. In Q3, Misfits Market released 32 unique Instagram and TikTok reels revolving around Gen Z users that garnered over 2.5 million views.

“The valuable and educational content is also very appealing to Gen Z users as it shows them how Misfits products can be used for different recipes,” said Erifili Gounari, Founder and CEO of The Z Link, an agency Gen Z-led social media platform. “It helps to both increase brand awareness and increase engagement with their videos, as users are more likely to tag a recipe on TikTok because it’s something that directly benefits them.”

From its subscription box for fresh produce to a full-fledged online grocery store, Misfits Market has grown tremendously over the past four years. The company added new offerings to its grocery store last year, including dairy and wine, launched its own private label, dubbed Odds & Ends, and expanded to the entire continental US market. . Misfits Market even recently announced its intention to acquire Imperfect Foods, with the goal of improving consumers’ grocery shopping experience.

According to Eagleson, in 2023, Misfits Market plans to increase its investment in YouTube and experiment with new ways to reach customers on TikTok and Pinterest. “We are looking to expand our private label offering, provide more convenient solutions in our grocery assortment and reach more customers to further our mission of making grocery shopping more affordable, convenient and sustainable,” Eagleson said.

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