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Navigating the media landscape is difficult for adults and even more difficult for children. Research has highlighted children’s lack of understanding of trusted sources of information, social media and media in general. These challenges can be seen in struggles around critical thinking and problem solving.

WITF, in cooperation with the York City School District, has developed a pilot program called News Media Literacy. This program is designed to train York City School District’s STEAM Academy educators to help students become critical and confident media thinkers.

As students work collaboratively in the classroom, they will focus on understanding news, deconstructing it, and constructing their own media. This process supports active, hands-on learning with goals of authentically developing literacy, research skills, and critical thinking that can benefit students in all content areas.

WITF News Media Literacy and Career Awareness

The objective of this virtual field trip is to define and highlight media literacy while showcasing WITF’s extensive career paths within the media industry. The WITF team shares how different departments work together to ensure that we inform our audience both accurately and in a timely manner. This discussion has a strong focus on the reporting/editorial process, securing sources, ensuring diversity in our news coverage, the critical role social media plays in news consumption, as well as how to identify misinformation. All presentations are followed by a Q&A with students from York City School District’s STEAM Academy, York, Pennsylvania.

All presentations are followed by a Q&A with students from York City School District’s STEAM Academy, York, Pennsylvania.

Ron Hetrick
Ron Hetrick
President and CEO of WITF

Ron talks about WITF’s mission and gives a brief overview of his personal career, including how he became CEO of a multimedia company.

Scott Blanchard, Editor
Scott Blanchard
Managing Editor, WITF News and StateImpact Pennsylvania

Scott provides insight into the journalistic/editorial process as well as media literacy, misinformation detection and career awareness.

Keira McGuire
WITF Health Reporter & Media Producer/Host

Keira describes the production and editing process used to create WITF video productions.

Anthony Orozco, WITF Latin American Communities Reporter
Antoine Orozco
WITF Latino Communities Reporter

Anthony shares his vision of the journalism/sourcing process and talks about the importance of diversity in reporting.

Tom Downing, WITF Senior Motion Graphic Artist & Interactive Designer
Tom Down
WITF Senior Motion Graphic Artist & Interactive Designer

Tom showcases his role in creating graphic designs and animations for WITF’s video and digital productions.

Lisa Wardle, WITF Digital Manager
Lisa Wardle
WITF Digital Manager

Lisa explains her role in managing social media for the various departments of WITF, the danger of misinformation and the importance of verifying sources when gathering information.

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