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Netflix adds open-source software GPAC to package and process media content

PARIS-Today, Motion Spell announced today that Netflix has completed an 18-month transition to integrate open source GPAC software into Netflix’s global content operations. The GPAC Advanced Content Project (GPAC) is open source software that provides a modular multimedia framework for packaging, streaming, inspecting, and playing content. It provides a wide range of tools for processing multimedia content and has a strong emphasis on standards.

Paris-based Motion Spell SARL, which exclusively handles commercial licensing for GPAC, also provided consulting expertise to Netflix’s R&D division as part of the deal.

Due to the large amounts of packaged media Netflix produces daily, robust packaging tools are crucial; in addition, Netflix is ​​also updating its packaging recipes. For example, they recently started releasing AOM’s AV1 packages. Their packaging tools must therefore be flexible and adaptable to new technologies. Netflix reaches a wide variety of devices: from TVs to set-top boxes to mobile devices. To this end, they rely on the use of standards, such as the ISO Base Media File Format (ISOBMFF) and therefore need standards-compliant tools.

Romain Bouqueau, CEO of Motion Spell, said: “Netflix is ​​a company with an exceptional team, clear goals and an innovative R&D program. The combination of our expertise made the transition process to GPAC very efficient. We are delighted that Netflix has gained flexibility, while GPAC has gained a customer who respects the value of open source software.

Anne Aaron, Director of Encoding Technologies at Netflix, said: “As part of our strategy to create a flexible and efficient packaging platform, we needed a strong partner with deep expertise in the best encoding and packaging tools. Working with Motion Spell made the whole integration process incredibly easy.“

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