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MediaKind’s Enhanced MK Engage Solution Maximizes the Power of Live Media Content


FRISCO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MediaKind today announced new enhancements to MK Engage, its comprehensive streaming technology service for video production, streaming, and audience engagement. Built on a modular framework, MK Engage spans the entire streaming pipeline from ingestion to delivery, enabling sports franchises and live content providers to increase fan engagement opportunities while exploring new new sources of income. The cloud-agnostic solution leverages MediaKind’s rich end-to-end portfolio and deep expertise in delivering advanced video and cloud workflow operations to enable all media companies to rapidly launch new large-scale live broadcast.

MK Engage manages the entire process of launching and running a streaming service, including subscription and advertising levels, a high-quality video experience, and the ability to create personalized experiences. New to the service is a synchronized video playback feature, allowing MediaKind customers to align the video player frame with the interface and open up new use cases in the live streaming experience. For example, a sports broadcaster can show which player is in possession of the ball, which golfer is playing on the golf course, or show a live leaderboard during a car race. It also allows sites broadcasting live matches, such as betting shops, bars and stadiums, to experience the same goal or touchdown at the same time, regardless of stream latency or device or platform. form used.

Boris Felts, Chief Product Officer, MediaKind, said: “With MK Engage, our goal is to deliver a premium video streaming engine that allows live content providers to focus on their core mission: designing an exceptional experience and delivering quality content to delight their audience. We are proud to unveil significant enhancements to MK Engage, delivering a quality solution that saves customers time and money when building their streaming platforms. With MK Engage’s enhanced video sync functionality, we’re pushing the boundaries of user experience, giving customers unprecedented control and management of their service, and opening the door to increased revenue streams, personalization and real-time audience engagement.

MK Engage has also been equipped with more flexible monetization features, allowing media companies to increase their revenue through live and old content. The new enhancements allow media companies to create free, ad-supported TV channels that their customers can access without logging in, breathing new life into on-demand content libraries. They can also segment different parts of the live stream and monetize individual streams that were previously difficult to do, like the last quarter of a basketball game or a penalty shootout at the end of a football game. Live content can be recorded, packaged, and delivered to video-on-demand platforms through streamlined workflows and managed by MediaKind’s CMS.

“MK Engage removes the burden of building and operating a live streaming service,” Felts continued. “By addressing the technical, operational and scalability challenges behind complex live streaming workflows, we are empowering the industry to better monetize their live content while ensuring the best possible streaming experiences for users. final.”

MediaKind will showcase the full range of features offered by MK Engage at IBC 2022 (#1.D09). To book a meeting with MediaKind at IBC 2022, click here:

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