Media literacy

Media Literacy Open Days held in Belgrade and Novi Sad

Open days on media education were held on 6 October in Belgrade and on 7 October in Novi Sad, within the framework of the joint European Union/Council of Europe action “Freedom of expression and freedom of media in Serbia (JUFREX 2)” and in cooperation with the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media of Serbia (Regulatory Authority).

The participants of both events were preschool educators and directors from Belgrade and Novi Sad, representing several different preschool institutions. These events allowed them to discuss media education for preschool children, and to receive educational material prepared within the framework of the JUFREX action, intended for educators and parents. Several participants expressed great interest and willingness to use the material provided, which was prepared in cooperation with the Regulatory Authority, in their activities. In addition, during the events, participants took part in a questionnaire survey designed and implemented by the Council of Europe expert and intended to help the Regulatory Authority understand the pressing challenges for the protection of minors against harmful content and to further plan their activities to promote media literacy. among the children.

The JUFREX action aims to support the Regulatory Authority, whose role is, among other things, to protect the interests of users of electronic media services, including minors. Media literacy is gaining prominence as a pressing issue, provided that the advent of the digital age and the availability of media raise concern for the protection of children who are increasingly subjected to content detrimental. The support of the JUFREX action to the Regulatory Authority is in line with the Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to member states (CM/Rec(2018)1) aimed at “ensuring that independent national regulatory authorities and/or other bodies have the reach and resources to promote media literacy in ways that fit their mandates”.

The action “Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media in Serbia (JUFREX 2)” is part of the European Union/Council of Europe Joint Program “Horizontal Facility for Western Balkans and Turkey 2019-2022”.

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