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Media Education Academy in the Czech Republic offers courses on how to teach others to recognize disinformation


If you work with children and young people, you may have noticed that they don’t go anywhere without their mobile phone. However, if the younger generation is tech-savvy, its members can still quite easily fall victim to misinformation.

Would you like to support young people in developing their critical thinking or warn them against the pitfalls of sharing unverified information? If so, the Academy of Media Literacy is here for you – an educational program through which you will learn how the media works, why fake news spreads so well, and most importantly, what these topics can be taught. youth.

The Media Literacy Academy is for those with an interest in media literacy who are already working for nonprofits, public libraries, and schools. All of its offerings will begin with a meet-and-greet weekend in mid-October where you can experience the speakers, your fellow attendees, and the program itself in person.

From October 2022 to March 2023 there will be 10 interesting workshops on topics such as aspects of disinformation from a psychological point of view, how the media works, sources of information, how the Czech disinformation scene works and how verify the veracity of the information. using a fact check. Because “the theory is gray but the tree of life is green”, we will help you immediately transfer the knowledge and skills you have acquired into practice with the help of mentors and personal consultations with professionals.

Up to eight hours of these consultations were reserved for each participant. What are the conditions for participation in the Academy?

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The most important condition is that this year the Academy has been regionally circumscribed and is only open to interested people from the regions of Hradec Králové, Liberec and Ústecký. The second essential condition is that you must already work with children and young people up to the age of 17.

You can easily apply through the online form on the Academy website. Do not hesitate, in mid-August, five projects had already been reserved in the first round.

The final deadline for the second round of applications is September 14, 2022. This is the Academy’s second year of operation.

The first year ran from 2020 to 2021, exclusively online, and included dozens of consultations, conferences and workshops. The first year of the Academy resulted in 19 projects targeting the widest possible range of groups, from children to people living with visual impairments, to the elderly.

What do past participants have to say about the Academy? “The Media Literacy Academy pleasantly surprised me in many ways. I did not expect such a kind, grounded and accommodating instructor, quite active and inspiring participants, nor the overall excellent level of course,” wrote Veronika Tomanová of the organization.

If you want to experience an inspiring atmosphere and learn everything important to know about a topic that is currently moving the world, then apply. If you are interested in certain aspects or have any questions, contact the project coordinator, Michaela Čapková, at [email protected] or +420 604 966 286.

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