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Looking to become a multimedia content producer / filmmaker? Ebonylife Creative Academy is here for you


The EbonyLife Creative Academy (ELCA) has been declared open for registration HERE. This revolutionary initiative is supported by the Lagos State government through Lagos State Creative Industries Initiative (LACI), under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

ELCA offers free, hands-on short courses covering all aspects of filmmaking and multimedia production, including acting, directing, production, editing, sound and lighting. .

Designed by local and overseas industry experts, the courses are designed to help film professionals improve their skills and make them competitive on a global scale, and equip newbies with the skills they need to launch their careers on solid foundations.

ELCA was designed by EbonyLife CEO Mo Abudu in response to the growing shortage of professionals in the industry, as Nollywood continues to grow. “We have so much talent in Nigeria and our people are ready to work. Unfortunately, very little training is available locally and most people cannot afford to go abroad for training. EbonyLife Creative Academy is intended to fill this gap and provide world-class training. Fortunately, the governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, understood our vision and gave us the support we needed to establish the academy here in Lagos, the hub of Nigerian cinema,” she said.

Lagos State Governor Sanwo-Olu said: “We are very excited about this development as it aligns with two of the development pillars of our THEMES program – education and technology and entertainment and tourism. By training our staff in the use of the latest technology, we will continue to improve the quality of our entertainment content and attract production teams from the rest of Africa and around the world.. “

With Nollywood being the third largest film industry in the world in terms of volume, ELCA is the first step towards creating a value chain based on international best practices in production quality. As Nigerian films continue to improve, their worldwide acceptability and popularity is also improving. Nollywood needs actors, directors, producers and technical teams capable of meeting the demands of the international film and television market. This will reduce Nollywood’s use of foreign teams to fill key production roles and allow filmmakers to maintain their unique Nigerian style of storytelling.

Located in the heart of Victoria Island, ELCA offers state-of-the-art conference rooms with projection and sound facilities, studio workshop spaces and post-production facilities equipped with the latest technology. Students will have everything they need to excel in their chosen field if they get the job done. The academy’s short courses and programs are designed to equip seasoned professionals and beginners with the technical, creative and practical skills essential for the film and television industry. Industry experts will provide pragmatic and contextual learning that will empower graduates to confidently take on roles in commercial productions.

According to Ouzamat Akinbile-Yusuf, Hon. Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture, ELCA is exactly what Lagos needs right now. “As we begin to emerge from the shadows of this global pandemic, it is encouraging that we can expect increased activity in the film industry, which provides so many jobs and supports so many small businesses. . EbonyLife Creative Academy will be a catalyst for growth in this sector,” she said.

Registration opens on December 17 and the first class will start classes on February 8, 2021 for the first trimester, while the next intake begins on April 26, 2021 and quarterly thereafter. At the end of each ten-week course, groups of students from different disciplines will merge into teams to each produce a short film or TV show for an exhibition. Internships are available for top performing students, providing beginners with an ideal start to their careers.

For more information on the courses available at EbonyLife Creative Academy, visit their WEBSITE.

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