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Lionsgate, Giant Pictures and More Join Whip Media’s New Content Rights Marketplace (Exclusive) TheWrap

Buying and selling rights to streaming content just got a whole lot smarter and easier. A new platform called Whip Media Exchange has been released in a beta that allows buyers and sellers to make better, data-driven decisions about licensing streaming rights for movies and shows, TheWrap has learned exclusively.

As of Tuesday, Lionsgate, Giant Pictures and DMD Limited / CiND! E Films have joined Whip Media Exchange as sellers showcasing their libraries of content on the platform, with other distributors and studios expected to join soon.

Whip Media Exchange aims to provide buyers and sellers with a single platform to discover, buy and sell content rights. The platform uses personalized predictive analytics to help users identify the best places and ways to license content for streaming.

Richard Rosenblatt, founder and CEO of Whip Media, told TheWrap that it is increasingly difficult for content owners to know where and how to stream their content. And the many new streaming platforms, constantly overlapping windows, and evolving business models make it harder to know which movies and shows will perform best or be best placed to succeed. As streaming continues to dominate in Hollywood and around the world, Whip Media is hoping to be a company that can help streamers make these decisions.

Whip Media Exchange uses an algorithm and predictive model that calculates a “demand score” so buyers and sellers know which TV and movie titles will perform best on a specific platform and in a specific region or market.

It also uses a real-time dashboard that updates title availability across any window, territory or platform. Content sellers can easily manage the available rights and target specific titles to specific buyers, and buyers can be confident that any title they see in the database is available for license. So there is no longer a need to guess to determine what has already been bought or sold, and there is no longer any need to send endless versions of spreadsheets to multiple potential buyers.

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“The Exchange transforms the global movie and TV buying and selling process into one where data and AI drives the experience and streamlines content discovery, selection and transactions,” said Rosenblatt . “Streaming has radically changed the media landscape, and we want to allow licenses to follow the same growth trend. With the launch of the Exchange, Whip Media uniquely provides data and technology to meet the evolving needs of buyers and sellers, along with the industry-leading platform that makes the entire content licensing process easy. .

“Connecting our buyers to the right titles is a combination of art and science,” added Jim Packer, Lionsgate president for global television and digital distribution. “Whip Media Exchange’s data-driven platform helps our clients navigate our vast portfolio of films and TV series and allows us to work with them to create the best mix of content for their audiences in each territory. “

Whip Media has previously used its data to help consumers track their streaming behavior, for businesses to use the data to predict what their next content should be, and for contract licensing management. The company now combines all of these capabilities in the Exchange, which scores titles based on viewer engagement information with consumers of 16 million viewers in over 170 countries and over 4.5 million episodes. of films and television available on 1,100 global platforms.

Buyers will get their own custom scores according to their needs and can sort the available titles by territory, genre or type of license rights available. For example, buyers can see the SVOD windows available for a movie, or they can see if that title also has a version with subtitles or voice over in other languages. They can even display a score or the price of a title as a pack when many movies are sold in a package.

Additionally, a user can join the service as a buyer and seller, and sellers can be notified that specific buyers are present and are looking for content. This is a godsend in the absence of physical marketplaces and at a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify which securities will do best in specific markets around the world.

Whip Media Exchange currently only processes existing post-stage content, but the hope is that the platform can expand to streaming rights deals for new projects down the line.

“I negotiated hundreds of content licensing agreements in my previous roles at Cablevision and Fox, and I believe the Exchange will secure the future of global content licensing as business models continue to evolve.” , Sherry Brennan, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Whip Media Exchange. , noted. “It is the only platform that brings consumer insights and predictive analytics into the large-scale licensing decision-making process, facilitating content discovery and creating efficiencies throughout. of the process. “

Whip Media was founded in 2014 and provides data and software to companies such as Disney, Warner Bros., Hulu, NBCU, Paramount, Sony, Lionsgate, BBC, HBO, AT&T, T-Mobile, Liberty Global, Discovery, Tastemade and Pluto TV to distribute, control and monetize their TV and film content to generate revenue and direct growth with consumers.

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