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LinkedIn offers new opportunities for creators on social media platforms / Digital Information World


In the digital age, everything is governed by the Internet. If you’re a social media management pro, you’re headed for a lot of growth opportunities. Among these opportunities, new ones are offered by a multitude of platforms. You just need to keep learning skills to move forward and seize those opportunities.

The biggest job platform, LinkedIn has finally announced something exciting for all social media professionals, i.e. creators. We’re all familiar with influencers who earn by getting branded deals and promotional products, but did you know that creators can do that and earn big too? If you haven’t, LinkedIn has you covered.

In his latest report, LinkedIn shows rise in demand for creators. One of the main reasons for this is the increase in online activity since the start of the pandemic. In addition, since 2021, postings for these jobs have tripled.

LinkedIn comments on how the most abundant jobs are available in the information and technology industry. It put pressure on the fact that the stars you see online aren’t the only ones animating your feed, there’s a whole team behind them. And the more stars come out, the more they need big teams that can only be led by digital creators.

Since companies also need supporting roles and people who serve as “bridges” between stars and their brands, another example of opportunity is created.

Contrary to common conception, trending topics or “niches” covered by influencers aren’t the only industry hot topics that need content creators. LinkedIn’s recent report highlighted many other topics that require as much new talent as the old saturated niches.

In the report, information and technology, based on demand, take first place. This is followed by advertising services, staffing and recruitment, e-learning providers, and IT services and IT consultants.

Then we also had some of the most saturated and popular niches, including musical bands and artists, media and telecommunications, apparel and fashion retail, computer and electronics manufacturing, and the food and beverage industries. All of these niches require new talent, which is why LinkedIn encourages anyone who is even considering joining to try it ASAP.

With the help of this economic chart, we can have even more young talent showcasing their skills and finding part-time jobs online while honing their talents. Moreover, it could push people to discover their hidden passions and transform the online world into a much more innovative and creative space!

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