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Joint stakeholder group to review unethical media content to be put in place – Oppong Nkrumah

Broadcasting industry stakeholders agreed to create a joint stakeholder group within the National Media Commission (NMC) to review reports of unethical content.

The Committee will therefore invoke the powers of the National Communications Authority (NCA) to take punitive action against offending broadcasters.

In a statement released by the Consultative Forum and read by Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah at the minister’s press conference in Accra on Sunday, said that to implement the recommendations made at last Friday’s meeting, the stakeholders will sign a cooperation protocol within 14 days of the meeting to formalize the modalities of action.

The statement said that the establishment of the Joint Stakeholders Committee was in accordance with Article 10 of the 1993 NMC Law (Law 449) and that the members will be drawn from the NMC, NCA, GJA, Bank of Ghana, Ghana National Security Secretariat. Independent Broadcasting Association and Attorney General’s Office.

Part of the work of the Committee is to monitor the broadcasting landscape in order to identify and investigate complaints of unethical broadcast content.

The Committee will examine whether the content broadcast is offensive to national security, public order, public morals and against the reputation, rights and freedoms of others.

It will then provide an early warning system to report such unethical broadcast content.

It will also recommend appropriate corrective actions to the regulators concerned, including issuance of warnings, suspension of frequency authorization by the ANC and withdrawal of frequency authorization.

The Advisory Forum also discussed key issues of the Broadcasting Bill.

While stakeholders agreed on several policy proposals, others had to be considered further through memoranda from stakeholder groups.

They therefore agreed to submit formal written notes on the bill to the immediate attention of the Ministry of Information to assist in the formulation of a final draft.

They agreed to engage the judiciary on the balance between media control and the protection of media freedoms and expression.

The Ministry of Information is committed to organizing an annual forum to involve players in the broadcasting industry in order to further strengthen and develop the media landscape.

The statement believed that stakeholders have engaged in open and frank discussions that will achieve the desired results.

The consultative meeting was convened by the Ministry of Information in Accra on Friday April 16, 2021, to deliberate on broadcasting in Ghana.

This follows recent events in the media landscape, with some media allowing the spread of inappropriate content such as doubling the money, rituals for money, fake news and hate speech.

The meeting brought together key media players to deliberate on the measures needed to regulate media content and apply appropriate penalties to violators.

The meeting also discussed the Broadcasting Bill and contributed to its promulgation.

Some of the participants include; Ghana Independent Broadcasting Association, Ghana Journalists Association, National Media Commission, National Communication Authority, UNESCO Ghana Office, National Cyber ​​Security Center, Media Foundation for West Africa, National Security and the Bank of Ghana.

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