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Is Your Social Media Content Attracting Prospects? 4 ways to strengthen your strategy


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Digital marketers often identify social media as one of the best forms of content marketing, but it can often feel like we’re just reviewing the moves. If social media content isn’t attracting prospects, what’s the point? Chances are, you just need a quick nudge in your strategy to make sure your content is engaging with your target audience and receiving inbound requests and messages.

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In fact, 90% of social media users have used the platform to communicate directly with a business. So if none of your customers or followers are reaching out to you, that’s a telltale sign that something needs to be changed. Ideally, you’ll post a photo or video with a solid caption that offers value and the floodgates will open: Direct messages, likes, comments, and requests should start coming in (or even just pouring in at first), proving that your content has struck a chord and inspired action. Not there yet? Here are four ways to strengthen your strategy for attracting these prospects.

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1. Focus your content on interesting stories

How deeply does your content dive into the stories? These don’t have to be your personal stories. Stories from former clients, stories from other inspiring entrepreneurs, or even folklore stories can be used to establish your point of view. The stories of other people who have embarked on the adventure and have found enormous success are equally powerful. It helps readers or viewers imagine themselves as the protagonist of the story. These stories can be shared in captions or in the post itself through videos.

Lenney Leong is the founder of Get Customers. He has successfully created video content around stories, with over 7.2 million views and up. He advised me to make sure you commit from the start. A long, roundabout story won’t do much to attract viewers. “Set the stage for the story from the first sentence, or by the title of the video,” Leong noted. “Be direct so people know they need to stay engaged throughout the storytelling and know what to expect.” Leong sparked many inbound conversations as a result of this narration. And it’s worth noting that videos perform best on Instagram, with 49% higher interactions.

2. Take a survey asking what kind of content people want the most

Instagram has a lot of interactive features in its Story feature. Use them! If you feel that you are unsure of what your followers are really interested in, use the survey to be sure. It is possible that you created content for something that interests them peripherally, but they are really curious about how you created your product landing page or how you took your business a year later. Instagram influencers and bloggers swear by functionality, especially as it can have surprising results. You may think your subscribers want one type of content when they actually want another.

Be open to what you haven’t yet considered. In addition to polls (where subscribers can choose one of two options), also use the “Question and Answer” feature so people can submit, in their own words, what they most want you to talk about.

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3. Host a question-and-answer session on Facebook or Instagram Live

While using the story features is a great way to glean some initial information, it also depends on what your viewers are doing as they scroll through your story and whether they currently have the time, interest, or interest. energy to engage. “Another great way to strengthen your content strategy is to host a live Facebook or Instagram Q&A,” says Sarah Lefebvre, CEO of Localiz. “Followers can be more likely to submit questions if you respond in real time, and you can tell by the questions or engagement you get as you browse different topics what resonates the most. “

Best of all, since only a fraction of your audience will go live, you can use the responses you’ve given and the strategies you’ve talked about in future posts. Record the video, take notes and convert it to posts. Now that you know for sure it’s something people are interested in!

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4. Make sure you have a call to action in every post.

Finally, it seems so simple but is often overlooked. Make sure there is a call to action in every post! It doesn’t have to be the same every time, but use something like “Message me if you’re interested” or “Follow me for more content like this”. Even asking viewers to comment with a watermelon emoji if they’re also eagerly awaiting summer boosts engagement and lets you know who’s paying attention to your posts.

Without a call to action, people just don’t know how to get involved. Be clear, state what you’re looking for, and give viewers and followers plenty of direction, leading to a direct message conversation or KPI that matters most to your business.

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