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Integrated Media Technology Limited Announces Signing of Durian Supply Agreement

Integrated Media Technology Limited announced its subsidiary, World Integrated Supply Ecosystem Sdn. Bhd. signed a supply agreement with CSL Durian Holding Sdn. Bhd. for WISE to be a preferred distribution partner of CSL Durian for durian fruits also known as King of Fruits for the upcoming 2022 season which starts from March. This is the first product managed by WISE for sale in the Asian and Chinese markets. WISE is a Malaysian company specializing in providing Halal certification to qualified businesses/operations, setting up the supply chain for Halal products and selling Halal products.

CSL Durian grows durian fruits in Malaysia, including the popular “Musang King durian (variety D197)”, one of the best durians in the world. Dato’ Megat Radzman, CEO of WISE, said, “We are delighted to bring this world famous Malaysian product through our Halal platform. This durian supply agreement will allow us easier access and entry into new markets such as China, Southeast Asia, the United States. and Canadian markets, where we could also promote our Halal certification, as well as our products and services.

The durian market was worth US$17.6 billion in 2018 and continues to grow due to its popularity in the Chinese market. Dato’ Radzman added, “WISE will focus on building a supply chain for fruit and food products for sale and distribution in Asia, China and Europe to bring to our Halal online business once developed. Currently, our strategy is to promote and bring our halal products into these markets. We plan to start the Halal certification process in the second half of the year. »

Mr. Xiaodong Zhang, CEO of IMTE, said, “This is the first step in building the halal ecosystem. We will work to develop the online halal trade platform to bring these fruits and food products to our online marketplace for traders and consumers.

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